Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Book Boyfriend #13

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by The Unread Reader.

~ Shay Doran ~

Shay Doran is one of the cutest character I know. He appears in Nightshade, Wolfsbane and Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer. I did not like how things ended in Bloodrose though. But I'm not going to rant about that again. ;D

  • Seamus 'Shay' Doran
  • Wolf (Guardian)
  • Brown hair with a tinge of gold
  • "Seamus Doran was saved by Calla from a bear, and was almost killed. He then transferred to Calla's school, and the trouble started as it was obvious he was attracted to her. He finds out at the end of Nighshade that he is a Scion, a prophesied person that could free the Guardians from the Keepers, bringing him into a life threatening situation."  (from wikia)

"Calla," Shay called from the hall. "Without your nakedness to distract me, I'm remembering that we're in serious trouble. Hurry, please."

 "I growled and then slapped him."Hey!" His hand pressed to his cheek.
"You always say that when I slap you," I said.
"I think it's a problem that you know what I say when you slap me," he said. "That's not the kind of intimacy I'm looking for."

"Wait.” Shay clasped my arm, turning me toward him. “Calla, you know, right?”
“Know what?” I asked, caught in the mystery of his eyes.
“That I love you too." 


  1. I wasn´t sure if I wamt to read this book. But I like the quote, I this i´ll read it someday.
    Happy reading!

  2. Aah, I still need to read Nightshade, it has been staying too long at my TBR pile. I like quotes you chose.
    Great pick! =D

  3. I've heard such conflicting things about this series, but I am so intrigued. I'll have to check it out soon! Love the quotes!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  4. LOVE these quotes--and Shay! I was a little skeptical about the series, but I might have to change my mind now!

    Here's my MBB

  5. I love this series, but I'm a Ren girl. :) Great choice though!

  6. Oh Yummy - I absolutely LOVE your pick! After those quotes and pictures, I just might have to switch from team Ren to team Shay! Thank you for sharing!

    Here's mine:

  7. Okay, don't tell Ren this, but I was addicted to Shay's video blogs. He just seems like a fun guy. And I loved how the actor really got into character for the videos. LOL


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