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Book Blitz: Lotus Effect by Trisha Wolfe + Giveaway (INTL)

Lotus Effect
Trisha Wolfe
Publication date: April 29th 2019
Genres: Adult, Suspense

Lakin Hale, true crime writer and victim of an attack that left her for dead, helps crime solvers and victims close cold cases, yet there is one crime she hasn’t been able to solve:
Her own.
As she embarks on a new case, working closely with Special Agent Rhys Nolan, the details of the murder begin to eerily resemble the event that nearly ended her life. A silhouette of a man haunts her dreams, but there were only two people there that night—Lakin and her murderer. Is the phantom hero who pulled her from the water a delusion, or is he the only one who can unlock her dark memories?
Buried in a watery grave of lotuses, the victim calls out to Lakin, unearthing painful memories of what was stolen from her that fateful night. For those that played a part, it’s now time to answer for their sins.

Author Bio:
USA Today bestselling romantic thriller author Trisha Wolfe. From an early age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up imaginary worlds and characters and was accused of talking to herself. Today, she lives in South Carolina with her family and writes full time, using her imaginary worlds as an excuse to continue talking to herself.
For more information on Trisha Wolfe and her works, please visit: TrishaWolfe.com
To be the first to hear about new releases and sale events, sign up for Trisha Wolfe's Newsletter: http://bit.ly/1rXTKI7

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Review: The Blue by Nancy Bilyeau

Title: The Blue
Author: Nancy Bilyeau
Publication: December 3rd 2018 by Endeavour Quill
Genre: Historical Fiction
Purchase it on: Amazon | AudibleBook Depository | Wordery
Rating: 4.5/5

‘Nancy Bilyeau's passion for history infuses her books’ – Alison Weir

'Historical fans will be well satisfied.' - Publishers Weekly

In eighteenth century England, porcelain is the most seductive of commodities.

In eighteenth century London, porcelain is the most seductive of commodities; fortunes are made and lost upon it. Kings do battle with knights and knaves for possession of the finest pieces and the secrets of their manufacture.

For Genevieve Planché, an English-born descendant of Huguenot refugees, porcelain holds far less allure; she wants to be an artist, a painter of international repute, but nobody takes the idea of a female artist seriously in London. If only she could reach Venice.

When Genevieve meets the charming Sir Gabriel Courtenay, he offers her an opportunity she can’t refuse; if she learns the secrets of porcelein, he will send her to Venice. But in particular, she must learn the secrets of the colour blue…

The ensuing events take Genevieve deep into England’s emerging industrial heartlands, where not only does she learn about porcelain, but also about the art of industrial espionage.

With the heart and spirit of her Huguenot ancestors, Genevieve faces her challenges head on, but how much is she willing to suffer in pursuit and protection of the colour blue?

‘...transports the reader into the heart of the 18th century porcelain trade—where the price of beauty was death.’ - E.M. Powell, author of the Stanton & Barling medieval mystery series.

'Bilyeau is an impressive talent who brings to life a heart-stopping story of adventure, art and espionage during the Seven Years War.' - Stephanie Dray, bestselling author of My Dear Hamilton

'With rich writing, surprising twists, and a riveting sense of 'you are there,' The Blue is spine-tingling entertainment.' – Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins

Nancy Bilyeau has worked on the staffs of InStyle, DuJour, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and Good Housekeeping. She is currently a regular contributor to Town & Country, Purist, and The Strand. Her screenplays have placed in several prominent industry competitions. Two scripts reached the semi-finalist round of the Nicholl Fellowships of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

At that moment I do not feel that I've agreed to a spying-for-money scheme but something finer something extraordinary. The quest for blue. And something more. This is our shared obsession now.
—The Blue by Nancy Bilyeau

I bought The Blue back in February because I saw fellow bloggers recommend the book and it wasn't until April when I randomly decided to start it because I was away at the time and only had my Kindle to read on but I'm so glad I picked it because I enjoyed reading it so much. And even more, I was actually really impressed by the story as well because it took some turns that I definitely didn't see coming. It's always a good thing to be pleasantly surprised by a book when you least expect it. 

I'm a big history fan but I don't exactly read a lot of books that are set in the eighteenth century. I've read some but I wouldn't say they're the majority of the historical fiction I read. I'm more drawn to ancient history usually but I just couldn't get enough of the setting in this book. It was set both in England and France while both countries were at war with each other during the Seven Years War. I found this to be highly fascinating. 

The main character, Genevieve Planché, was born in England but she's descendent of of Huguenot refugees and hates France and its king. This was another thing I found interesting to read about because prior to this book I wasn't familiar with the Huguenots at all. So The Blue was not only entertaining to read about but educational as well. Although not the most likable of characters in general, in my personal opinion, I did like reading about Genevieve. I loved her spirit and her passion for art and wanting to persue it even though nobody would take her seriously as a female artist in England in this time. 

This is where Sir Gabriel Courtenay comes in the story when he offers Genevieve the opportunity to spy for him and in return he'll send her to Venice where female artists are more accepted than in London. In the eighteenth century porcelaine was one of the most sought after commodities, so a lot of people wanted to learn its secret and in the case of Sir Gabriel he needed Genevieve to learn the secret of a new and special color of blue, which could change the game entirely. 

I never knew the color blue had such a complex and mysterious history. It fascinated me so much. I also really enjoyed reading about the industrial espionage where Genevieve got herself tangled up in. This made for an intense and thrilling read where I almost couldn't tear myself away from my Kindle. I'll definitely have to check out the author's other books because I definitely want to read more of her writing. 

The Blue by Nancy Bilyeau was a very captivating read. It had espionage, romance, the writing was remarkable and everything I learnt and read in the book about the porcelain trade was so very fascinating to me. I know that at the end of the year this book will absolutely appear in my top ten of favorite books of the year. Go buy this book now. Seriously!

About the author:
Nancy Bilyeau has worked on the staffs of InStyle, DuJour, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and Good Housekeeping. She is currently the deputy editor of the Center on Media, Crime and Justice at City University of New York and a regular contributor to Town & Country, Purist, and The Vintage News.

A native of the Midwest, she earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan. THE CROWN, her first novel and an Oprah pick, was published in 2012; the sequel, THE CHALICE, followed in 2013. The third in the trilogy, THE TAPESTRY, was published by Touchstone in 2015. The books have also been published by Orion in the UK and seven other countries.

On December 3, 2018, THE BLUE, her fourth novel, will be published in the United States and the United Kingdom. A novel of suspense set in the rivalrous art and porcelain worlds of 18th century Europe, it features a young female artist turned spy.

For this novel, Nancy drew on her own Huguenot background. In 1661, Nancy's ancestor, Pierre Billiou, emigrated from France to what was then New Amsterdam when he and his family sailed on the St. Jean de Baptiste to escape persecution for their Protestant beliefs. Pierre built the first stone house on Staten Island and is considered the borough's founder. His little white house is on the national register of historic homes and is still standing to this day.

Nancy lives in New York City with her husband and two children.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram

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Release Blitz: Beauty and the Professor by Skye Warren

Once upon a time there was a beautiful college student… And a beastly professor with scars he can't hide...

Beauty and the Professor, the first in A Modern Fairy Tale duet from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren, is available now!

Beauty and the Professor.jpg
Once upon a time there was a beautiful college student…
Erin cleans Mr. Morris’s house twice a week to pay her tuition. The reclusive ex-soldier intimidates her, but she can’t help but feel sympathy for him. Then she walks in on him touching himself, and she has much darker, much more sensual feelings.
And a beastly professor with scars he can’t hide…
Blake Morris knows he’s scarred both inside and out. He’s reclusive and surly. Nowhere near good enough for the smart and beautiful young woman who cleans his house.
He receives an offer to return to his alma mater as an associate professor. This is his chance to reenter the world--and to be worthy of the woman he dreams about. He never expected to see her sitting in his classroom on the first day of the semester.
Author’s Note: This book was previously published as a serial in multiple parts, including Beauty Touched the Beast, Beneath the Beauty, and Broken Beauty. It’s been collected into this volume to make things easier for new readers.

BEAUTY AND THE PROFESSOR is the first book in A Modern Fairy Tale duet.
Download your copy today!
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2Xzp3MG 
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2DrwUnA
Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2UfpUDZ

FALLING FOR THE BEAST is the second book in A Modern Fairy Tale duet.
Pre-order your copy today!
 Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/BeautyBeast 
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2URYvJt 
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2VXATQ8
Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2UicaJI

About Skye Warren
Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance such as the Endgame trilogy. Her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, sweet dogs, and evil cat.
Connect with Skye
 BookBub: http://bit.ly/2SQgiir 
Pinterest: http://bit.ly/2SyDFhh 
Instagram: http://bit.ly/2STxF1I 
Stay up to date with Skye Warren by signing up for her mailing list: http://bit.ly/2N8gTXG http://www.skyewarren.com

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Stacking The Shelves: April 20, 2019

Stacking The Shelves is a weekly bookish feature hosted @ Tynga's Reviews & Reading Reality.

It's been a while since I did a STS post but on Wednesday I went to a thrift store and bought these five books I just had to share them. Has anyone read any of these? ♥

Happily Bedded Bliss by Tracy Ann Warren
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
The Crimson Throne by Sudhir Kakar
De Wereld in the Tijd van Marie Antoinette by Fiona MacDonald (in Dutch)

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Blog Tour: Song of Songs by Marc Graham — Spotlight + Giveaway! (US/CA) #HFVBTBlogTours

Song of Songs: A Novel of the Queen of Sheba
by Marc Graham

Publication Date: April 16, 2019
Blank Slate Press
Paperback; 400 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction

Lift the veil of legend for the untold story of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, and Bathsheba, wife and mother of Israel’s first kings. 

 When Makeda, the slave-born daughter of the chieftain of Saba, comes of age, she wins her freedom and inherits her father's titles along with a crumbling earthwork dam that threatens her people's survival. When she learns of a great stone temple being built in a land far to the north, Makeda leads a caravan to the capital of Yisrael to learn how to build a permanent dam and secure her people's prosperity. 

 On her arrival, Makeda discovers that her half-sister Bilkis (also known as Bathsheba) who was thought to have died in a long-ago flash flood, not only survived, but has become Queen of Yisrael. Not content with her own wealth, Bilkis intends to claim the riches of Saba for herself by forcing Makeda to marry her son. But Bilkis’s designs are threatened by the growing attraction between Makeda and Yetzer abi-Huram, master builder of Urusalim’s famed temple. Will Bilkis’s plan succeed or will Makeda and Yetzer outsmart her and find happiness far from her plots and intrigue?

Amazon | Barnes and Noble

About the Author

Marc Graham studied mechanical engineering at Rice University in Texas, but has been writing since his first attempt at science fiction penned when he was ten. From there, he graduated to knock-off political thrillers, all safely locked away to protect the public, before settling on historical fiction. His first novel, Of Ashes and Dust, was published in March 2017. He has won numerous writing contests including, the National Writers Assocation Manuscript Contest (Of Ashes and Dust), the Paul Gillette Memorial Writing Contest - Historical (Of Ashes and Dust, Song of Songs), and the Colorado Gold Writing Contest - Mainstream (Prince of the West, coming from Blank Slate Press in Fall 2019). He lives in Colorado on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, and in addition to writing, he is an actor, narrator, speaker, story coach, shamanic practitioner, and whisky afficianado (Macallan 18, one ice cube). When not on stage or studio, in a pub, or bound to his computer, he can be found hiking with his wife and their Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Blog Tour Schedule

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During the Blog Tour, we will be giving away two paperback copies of Song of Songs! To enter, please use the Gleam form below. Giveaway Rules – Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EST on May 17th. You must be 18 or older to enter. – Giveaway is open to the US & Canada only. – Only one entry per household. – All giveaway entrants agree to be honest and not cheat the systems; any suspicion of fraud is decided upon by blog/site owner and the sponsor, and entrants may be disqualified at our discretion. – The winner has 48 hours to claim prize or new winner is chosen.
Song of Songs

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Book Blitz: The Mister by E.L. James

The Mister will sweep you off your feet...

THE MISTER, the highly anticipated new love story from #1 New York Times bestseller E L James is available now!

London, 2019. Life has been easy for Maxim Trevelyan. With his good looks, aristocratic connections, and money, he’s never had to work and he’s rarely slept alone. But all that changes when tragedy strikes and Maxim inherits his family’s noble title, wealth, and estates, and all the responsibility that entails. It’s a role he’s not prepared for and one that he struggles to face.

But his biggest challenge is fighting his desire for an unexpected, enigmatic young woman who’s recently arrived in England, possessing little more than a dangerous and troublesome past. Reticent, beautiful, and musically gifted, she’s an alluring mystery, and Maxim’s longing for her deepens into a passion that he’s never experienced and dares not name. Just who is Alessia Demachi? And can Maxim protect her from the malevolence that threatens her? And what will she do when she learns that he’s been hiding secrets of his own?

From the heart of London through wild, rural Cornwall to the bleak, forbidding beauty of the Balkans, The Mister is a roller-coaster ride of danger and desire that leaves the reader breathless to the very last page.

Download your copy today:
Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/TheMister
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2HixZSr
Amazon Paperback: https://amzn.to/2TzCEWE
Audible: https://amzn.to/2u3HU5x


E L James is an incurable romantic and a self-confessed fangirl. After twenty-five years of working in television, she decided to pursue a childhood dream and write stories that readers could take to their hearts. The result was the controversial and sensuous romance Fifty Shades of Grey and its two sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. In 2015, she published the #1 bestseller Grey, the story of Fifty Shades of Grey from the perspective of Christian Grey, and in 2017, the chart-topping Darker, the second part of the Fifty Shades story from Christian’s point of view. Her books have been published in fifty languages and have sold more than 150 million copies worldwide. E L James has been recognized as one of Time magazine's "Most Influential People in the World” and Publishers Weekly’s "Person of the Year.” Fifty Shades of Grey stayed on The New York Times Best Seller List for 133 consecutive weeks. Fifty Shades Freed won the Goodreads Choice Award (2012), and Fifty Shades of Grey was selected as one of the 100 Great Reads, as voted by readers, in PBS’s The Great American Read (2018). Darker has been long-listed for the 2019 International DUBLIN Literary Award. She coproduced for Universal Studios the Fifty Shades movies, which made more than a billion dollars at the box office. The third installment, Fifty Shades Freed, won the People’s Choice Award for Drama in 2018. E L James is blessed with two wonderful sons and lives with her husband, the novelist and screenwriter Niall Leonard, and their West Highland terriers in the leafy suburbs of West London. 

For more information about E L James, visit:
And Instagram: http://bit.ly/2TO6vdd

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2019 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

The other day I realized I never made a post for the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge that I'm participating in this year so here it is. Just a little late... 🙈

With this challenge readers can choose one of the different reading levels:
20th Century Reader - 2 books
Victorian Reader - 5 books
Renaissance Reader - 10 books
Medieval - 15 books
Ancient History - 25 books
Prehistoric - 50+ books

I picked:
Medieval - 15 books

So far I have read 7 historical fiction books so I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far. I'll give an update about the reading challenge and which books I have read in July.

What are your favorite historical fiction books? I could use some recommendations. ♥

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Review: A Forbidden Love by Kerry Postle

Title: A Forbidden Love
Author: Kerry Postle
Publication: April 2nd 2019 by HQ Digital

Genre: Historical Fiction
Purchase it on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo
Rating: 4/5

An extraordinary story against all the odds…
He vowed in his letter to one day meet her again, once the war was over. But it was a letter Maria couldn’t bring herself to read…

Growing up in the humble Spanish town of Fuentes, Maria dreamed of seeing the world and marrying one day. But before her life can truly start, civil war breaks out and Fuentes is torn apart by violence, secrecy and corruption.

Maria vows to take a stand, yet as an unspeakable tragedy rocks her trust in human decency, her heart hardens and the love she once believed in seems far out of reach. But when she falls for an occupying soldier, she questions whether she can truly love someone who is her enemy?

As I'm writing this review after finishing A Forbidden Love I'm still feeling overwhelmed and in awe by the book because it realy left a big impression on me. It took me a good while to read it but I wanted to take my sweet time with it because I knew I wanted to absorb each and every word. Obviously it was an amazing read but even more than that it was an important one as well. 

I'm finding it's kind of hard writing this review because I'm still reeling for everything that happened in it. I'm gonna start with saying that before reading this book I knew pretty much nothing about the Spanish Civil War. I was never taught anything about it in school, which now seems like a real shame because it was such an important and devastating event in human history. And we can't ever forget it. 

As horryfing some of the events in this book were I really did love the story. I'd even say it's one of my favorite historical fiction novels I've read so far this year. The story gripped me so hard that sometimes I was almost in tears because of it. I don't think we're necessarily supposed to like the main character, Maria. She's sixteen years old at the start of this book, when the Civil War started and she was rather self-indulgent but who wasn't like this at that age? But even so I actually did like her, which is kinda surprising because I usually tend to lean more towards disliking such characters. But Maria was also courageous, tough and independent. I came to admire her growth throughout the novel. I also totally loved her father. He was probably my favorite character if I have to name one. 

Even though I wasn't too familiar with the Spanish Civil War, I could definitely tell that Kerry Postle did a lot of research and poured her heart into this book. It really shows and that was a huge part of why this book stood out to me so much. Of course I had hoped to like it after I read the author's previous book, The Artist’s Muse (which was a favorite of mine in 2017) so I'm ectastic that I enjoyed it as much as I did. 

I also want to say that, since I know my blog readers like to know about if the romance was any good or if it took over the plot, and I'm happy to say that no, it didn't. Personally I felt like the romance wasn't like the main focus of it all. Yes, it played a part in the story obviously since the title is A Forbidden Romance but it didn't overshadow anything else. And I really liked that.

A Forbidden Love by Kerry Postle was a beautifully written story about a terrible time in history for Spain. It's not a happy book but I'm sure it will leave readers satisfied in the end and maybe even wiping a tear away like I did. The writing was absolutely amazing and the characters were all so close to my heart. Especially Maria and her father. I can't help but highly recommend this book whether or not you like history or romance. I think it would be a great read for everyone!

If you want to find out more about this book or the author you can find more info at:
Website | Twitter | HarperCollins UK | Amazon

And also don't forget to check out my review of The Artist's Muse here.

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Book Blitz: Three Star Island by Kat Caulberg + Giveaway (INTL)

Three Star Island
Kat Caulberg
Published by: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication date: April 10th 2019
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance, Time-Travel

Stepping through a time portal into 1716, historian Penny Saunders didn’t expect to get stranded in the past. Five years later, now a pariah to the townsfolk of Three Star Island, she endures solitude and ridicule until a hurricane tosses a dangerous castaway onto her shores.
William Payne’s history precedes him. Pirate, outlaw, and ruthless captain, he’s a monster among men. . . or so it seems. Desperately seeking redemption for his blood-soaked past, he upends Penny’s world by showing her a passion she’s never experienced.
But time is closing in on them; the governor of the Carolinas has rescinded his pirates’ pardon, the locals are growing suspicious of Penny’s new houseguest, and she can’t keep her secrets from William forever. When everything falls apart, she must use both wits and weapons against lawmen and pirates alike to save the one man who would tear down the world for her.
Penelope stood in the crater the time portal had sliced into the tree line. Sheared-off branches sprouted new growth overhead, and grass choked the scorched ground, concealing most of the sand that had been fused into glass globules by the rift. Frowning, she dislodged one of the spheres with the tip of her shoe and kicked it into the dunes. This gate hadn’t opened in months.
Two days prior, a hurricane had ravaged Three Star. Alone on the southern tip of the island, Penny had ridden out the storm in her farmhouse while gales ripped up centuries-old live oaks by their roots and tossed debris through the walls of her outbuildings. She’d seen a time gate’s flicker in the immediate aftermath half a mile from where she now stood on the beach, but there had been no reason to dash out into the dwindling rain in hopes of reaching it before it shut.
None of them would let her go home again.
Grasping her skirts in one hand, she made her way through the oat grass to ascertain what the storm had offered her in compensation. The summer of 1721 had been a blistering one, providing scarcely any rain to offset the heat. With few thunderstorms of much note, ships in the area had enjoyed a season of calm, returning to port with full holds and happy sailors, and Penny’s larder suffered for it. Without wreckage to pick through, she’d survived on meager rations from her garden and the bones of a sloop that ran aground on the shoals to the south.
Yesterday threw one more long, hard bout of rain at the island, keeping her inside until dusk. Now, with the sun a few hours into the sky, she hurried to collect her share of the shattered remains of dead men’s fortunes. This time, she was determined it wouldn’t bother her. She tucked a short strand of hair behind her ear, knuckled her glasses higher, and proceeded to the shore.
The sea mirrored the heavens, flat and tranquil. Whitecaps lapped the sand, pulling back to reveal a stripe of broken shells stretching as far as she could see. Currents funneled past the rock barrier jutting out into the water, and a smattering of planks and splintered crates gathered on the sand bars the rising tide would soon submerge.
Penny stooped to dip her fingers into a mountain of sea foam. Lacework-white and delicate, it dissolved at her touch. A flicker of movement caught her eye. Slanting toward the beach on a downdraft, a laughing gull shrieked its peculiar, broken cry and swooped over a figure lying in the surf.
Her stomach dropped. The waves had disgorged a body.
Straightening, she fidgeted with her apron strings. The tide was rising. Soon, the ocean would reclaim the life it had taken, leaving no trace of the drowned man behind. Here, he was alone and unknown. Somewhere else, however, he would be an empty seat at a hearth, a bed half-filled, a promise unkept. Like her, he could never go home again.
Penelope sighed. Unable to bury him, she could at least bear witness to his return to the sea. Keeping close to the water, she trudged toward him.
She stopped when his arm moved. It was a tiny motion she could’ve mistaken for a trick of the wind, his sleeve toyed with by the breeze, yet when his fist clenched the sand, she was certain.
He was alive.
“Son of a . . .”

Author Bio:
For as long as she can remember, Kat Caulberg has been obsessed with history and the paranormal. Somewhat to the dismay of her parents, her interests led her into both museums and graveyards as a child, a trend which has continued into her adulthood. This has influenced her reading tastes and her writing, whether it be a good ghost story, thrilling tales of time-travel, or devouring endless volumes of ancient warfare.
She signed a contract with Soul Mate Publishing in 2018 for her first novel, Three Star Island, a time-travel story set in 1721. She enjoys writing strong, quirky heroines, and has a weakness for cheeky heroes who have as much compassion as they have flaws.
Kat currently lives in North Carolina with her Englishman and a few cats.


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