Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book

Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish that features a new topic each week where we have to put down our top ten of it.

This week's topic:
Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book

~In no particular order~

Boarding School
There are some books about boarding schools that I like obviously (Vampire Academy i.a.) but mostly I don't really like books with boarding schools in them.

I have never ever liked books with zombies in. Yuck. Just give me vampires or werewolves instead. ;)

I don't mind if a book has some religion but if it's a book that's all about it and an author forcing the reader his of her views on it... no, just no.

Roadtrips book bore me out of my mind. I'm sure there are some good roadtrip books out there but so far I haven't come across them.

I don't even like watching sports on tv, so I definitely don't like reading about it.

It's just not my genre of books. I prefer fiction.

I admit there are some books that I love where two characters are everlasting soulmates but most of the time I hate those books because it has always insta-love in them. Barf.

I'd rather not read about war. Any wars, fiction or non-fiction. Just not my thing.

Do I even have to explain myself with this one? Angels are my least favorite paranormal creature. There are maybe 1 or 2 books featuring angels that I like.

Any type of abuse I don't like reading about. I might read some stories about them if other people say it's a really good book but I'll probably won't pick it up myself.

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  1. I fully agree with religion, I hate when an author shoves it down my throat. Not fun to read. I have only found one angel book that I've liked and I'm not sure it even counts (Daughter of Smoke and Bone). I don't really like autobiographies much either, I like fiction..lol

  2. I agree with all of them! Instalove, yuck, so unrealistic. There are indeed many bad angel books. Did you read Unearthly?, that is one of the good angel series:)

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  3. I agree with most of these. I put War on my list as well. :)

  4. Mmmm hmmm. Sports! Nooooooo! (I mean, unless there are backflips, obviously.)

  5. I LOVE zombies O.O Have you ever read Dearly, Departed? It will chanbge zombie forever! Lol xD Great list(:
    Happy reading


  6. Definitely agree about sports. I will not be reading any Mike Lupica any time soon, other than Hero, which I read accidentally, and which wasn't even supposed to be about sports (despite the constant sports references), but it was truly awful. Not that I'm ranting or anything.

    I love reading about boarding schools, though!


  7. Ugh boarding schools! Yes, I forgot to have that one on my list.

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    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

  8. It's not on my list, but I also really hate reading books about any kind of Abuse. I just can't.
    I also had Religion on my list, for the same reason. However, I kind of ranted about it a lot.
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  9. I was raised in a half-assed churchgoing family and read a lot of preachy, Christian fiction when I was younger. So I can deal with a lot of that in my books. It's when the author gets aggressive about shoving it down your throat that I bail out! :) Love triangles tend to take away the structural integrity from an otherwise good book, especially when it starts revolving around them. Insta-love...HELL NO! Makes me gag just thinking on it. Great list! :)

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  10. Great list!I have never liked zombies and I can't understand what people find so appealing about them!Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

    Elena @ Book Lady's Reviews

  11. hehe, yeah we share most of this list. I've never liked Zombies either. They're creepy and gross. Book with religion annoy the crap out of me, cause they always end up preachy and that bugs me. Autobiographies, sports and abuse are definitely all ones I avoid too! Oh and yes insta-love - ugh, major pet-peeve >.< LOL Great TTT!


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