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ARC Review: Cadence’s Cauldron by Nicole Pouchet

Title: Cadence's Cauldron
Author: Nicole Pouchet
Series: Elemental Myths #4
Publication: July 26th 2016 

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Purchase: Amazon

Rating: 3.5/5

Review copy received in exchange for an honest review.

Cadence Williamson has life all figured out. Her London jazz nightclub gives her a place to sing, friends she calls family, and enough money to pay the bills. No man is going to block her chi, especially not the shark trying to buy her out. Who cares if she’s been dreaming of doing the deed with him? Cadence’s perfect plans unravel when she develops fiery superpowers, melts her mic, and has past life visions of an evil force snuffing out the city’s population.

Trystan Tawanti may have his fun, but he’ll never allow another pretty face near his soul again. The serial entrepreneur is determined to purchase Cadence’s nightclub and turn it into a profit machine—no matter the cost to his heart or to his Incan family’s world-saving destiny. He just has to ignore those pesky empathic powers and the feelings signaling his fated mate is near.

Will Cadence and Trystan learn to trust their destiny and each other before ancient evil catches up to them to burn London down?

Cadence's Cauldron was somewhere in between three and four stars for me so my actual rating would actually be 3.5 stars. 

The book follows Cadence Williamson who has been having hot and steamy dreams about a man she has never met until he steps foot in her jazz nightclub and introduces himself as Trystan Tawanti who wants to purchase her nightclub. Once Trystan met Cadence his empathic powers got released, the sign that he has met his mate.

I was really a fan of these two characters and I loved their chemistry. I was always looking forward to a scene with the both of them because it always caused some sparks. I kind of loved how Trystan was a little perplexed by Cadence when they first met. Cadence's elemental power was fire and I thought it really suited her temperament. She and Trystan were a great fit together. 

As always I really love how the Incan empire is sort of connected to these characters, especially because of the brothers featured in every story. I'm also super excited for the next book, featuring Mei and Roman. 

       About the Author:

       Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Nicole Pouchet is a memoirist and a paranormal romance novelist. Books from her Elemental Myths paranormal romance series have enjoyed spots on Amazon’s Bestseller lists. Layla’s Gale, A Paranormal Romance won second prize in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. And, Cadence’s Cauldron, A Paranormal Romance won an Honorable Mention in the 2014 RWA Pages from the Heart Romance Novel contest.

Still amazed to be an adult, Nicole has managed to center her life around raising her two small sons, being true to her family (including husband and friends) and running a bi-coastal marketing agency. She recently traveled cross-country from the D.C. area to Bellevue, Washington and found that she enjoys the rain. Happiest near the water, Nicole spends her free hours plotting her next escape, writing, and staring at the ceiling.

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