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Review: Loveweaver by Tracy Ann Miller

Title: Loveweaver
Author: Tracy Ann Miller
Publication: June 30th 2016

Genre: Historical Romance
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 5/5

Review copy received in exchange for an honest review.

When Slayde pulls Llyrica from the ocean off the shores of Kent, how she arrived there from Denmark becomes the first of many questions. Her beauty and alluring voice evoke a deep and troubling need in him, but he must stay focused on the job at hand: Ridding England of the last of the Viking raiders.

Llyrica is now a stranger in a strange land, on a mission to fulfill a deathbed promise. But, she must now also find her missing brother. This man, Slayde, known as The StoneHeart in his country, seems determined to block her at every turn. And yet she can't help but be drawn to the sad and lonely side of him that awakens when he sleeps, the sleepwalker.

Unknown to both Llyrica and Slayde, each will use the other to accomplish their quests. Both will also fall under Llyrica's love spell, that of the Songweaver.

Set in the year 895, the story of Loveweaver happens among actual events. It was a time when many Vikings were settling peacefully in England while other would-be conquerors still sought to overtake the country. A romance between a Viking woman and English (Saxon) man was certainly not unheard of, but might still raise eyebrows.

The fact that Llyrica makes a living as a weaver appeals to those who value the importance of feminine creativity, cultural arts, and using those talents to carve out a place in the world.

Slayde depicts a man struggling to live up to a character of military might, while denying a life he would rather live, that of an inventor, a dreamer, a builder.

Llyrica's presence reignites in Slayde a reason to be done with war, to open the way for peace and his love for the beguiling weaver.

When I started reading Loveweaver I never expected it to end up as one of my favorite historical romances ever. It was such a unexpected but amazing surprise. I loved everything about this book!

Llyrica and Slayde sure had an interesting relationship, being a Viking woman and a Saxon man. They had loads of chemistry and also a lot of banter between them. I really enjoyed reading about them and how they struggled with their feelings to be together.

At first Slayde (a.k.a. StoneHeart) doesn't want anything to do with Llyrica when he rescues her from the ocean, although she brings out feelings in himself that he doesn't want to give in it.  At night, though, Slayde comes in his sleep (unbeknownst to himself) to Llyrica as "the sleepwalker" seemingly so different from the cold StoneHeart that she knows during the day. 

There were actually a lot of plot twists in this book that I hadn't seen coming. It also seemed like a very well-researched book and absolutely loved the writing. The romance especially was amazing and steamy. I also enjoyed reading about the various secondary characters like Llyrica's younger brother Broder, who Llyrica searches for in the story and father Byrnstan, who stood behind Slayde and Llyrica right away.

This book also featured Haesten, a Viking chieftain who has actually excisted, so this book was based on some real events, which as a total history nerd I loved so much. He was greatly written as the antagonist of this story, who was also connected to Llyrica and Broder

Loveweaver by Tracy Ann Miller takes its reader back to the year of 895. It made me feel as if I actually traveled back in time (if only!) to this era. The amazing writing combined with the hot-as-hell romance and the way the characters gripped me, made it one of my favorite books of 2016 (and ever). I would highly recommended it to anyone, especially fans of historical romance.

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Although Tracy Ann Miller is primarily a graphic designer, (see her work at she has been writing novels for over 20 years.

She was an active member of the National Romance Writers of America with her local chapter, The Virginia Romance Writers. It was there she honed her craft by attending workshops, conferences, and by coordinating The VRW's Fool for Love Contest. But most of all, she learned to write by sitting at the computer and sticking with it.


  1. Wow. You sure liked this one. Looks like a good read for by the pool:) Thanks for the introduction.

  2. Ohhh amazing review! I absolutely love HR books and this one looks and sounds absolutely amazing and right up my alley. Thank you for your awesome post.


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