Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness: February Wrap-up

Random Acts of Kindness is hosted by Book Soulmates
R.A.K. is not about receiving FREE books! It's about giving as well as receiving. It's about passing on the joy of reading and books with others.

I didn't receive any RAKs this month but I did send one to Mariska from Me and My Books

I send her Industrial Magic by the amazing Kelley Armstrong

Industrial Magic (Women of the Otherworld, #4)

Hope she enjoys this book! ^^


  1. I know I will enjoy this book. Thanks again Stephanie.
    I am really happy with it :D

    Hugs mariska

  2. i love this author but i didn't know this cover ( really fitting by the way)
    hope march will be better for you


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