Saturday, February 9, 2013

Know Me Better #2

Know Me Better is a weekly meme hosted by Kathy @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. Each week she will pick 5 questions off of her author interview lists to answer. She invites us to share our answers to these questions as well.

~This week's questions:
I can't live without...
Do you make your bed each morning?
City or Country?
Most embarrassing moment?
What do you think of book trailers?

 ~I can't live without...
Reading and music. I have to have my daily fix of reading and listening to music or I go crazy. Also, chocolate could be high on my Can't-Live-Without list.

~Do you make your bed each morning?
I do. It just has to lay the exact right way for me.

~City or Country?
I'm definitely a city girl. Always been. I wouldn't be able to live in the country. My mom lives in a small town so I go there occasionally. I do like the quietness of it sometimes but it's too far from everything for my liking.

~Most embarrassing moment?
Hard question. The only thing coming to mind is this one time when I was about 14 I think and I was running past a lake with a friend, while I was holding my MP3... Yeah, not a very good idea because I tripped over some tree roots and the MP3 fell into the lake. I guess I should be happy it wasn't me who fell in I guess... lol

~What do you think of book trailers?
I love them! I think that they're a good way to get readers excited about the books. They have to be done right, though. If the book trailers look like crap it will not interest the readers so much.

Now it's your turn! Share an answer to one or more of these questions as a comment or post your answers on your blog and link up!


  1. I also can't live without music and reading, though I put energy drinks, because that's the first thing I have every morning.

    Wow that must have sucked dropping your mp3 player in the water. I would have been so ticked. Not only do you have to get a new one, you have to go through the pain of adding all your music back and remaking playlists! This can be fun to a point, but I have so much music I can't keep it all on my computer and when my ipod died, I had to sit there and reupload disc after disc one at a time, transfer to my ipod, delete from my computer and then do the next one. Frustrating! And I'm still not done. Every time I go to look for a song it just happens to be one that isn't on their yet.

    1. It did suck! I was really attached to the thing. It was my first mp3 but luckily at the time it wasn't as expensive.

    2. That's like with most things you loose eg. phones. I'm not so attached to the phone itself but it's the hassle of getting all your contacts, photos etc etc.

  2. I must have reading of course! I'm a city girl all the way! I would die of boredom in the country with no clubs and restaurants and movies! I don't make my bed LOL I pull up the covers and straighten the pillows...sometimes!

  3. I thought you were the one who fell in the lake, glad it wasn't like that. Did you pick it up? lol

    1. lol! Me and my friend tried but it sank in the water. xD More embarrassment... >_<

  4. Oh my, good thing it was your mp3 player and not you.

    My KMB

  5. Stephanie I had answered my Most Embarrassing Moments with I can't really recall any and when I read yours I remembered a time that wasn't that long ago (around 3 years ago) check it out at my KMB post. It wasn't as inconvenient as your fall was but it was quite embarrassing as it was witnessed by many.

    I love your web design...Rachel @ Parajunkee, Giselle @ XPresso and Lori @ Imagination are my favorite blog designers.

    Unfortunately I didn't know about Giselle at the time of my blog redesign which only finished recently, I couldn't afford Rachel, was thinking of purchasing one of her pre-made for $40 and Lori was no longer taking clients :(

    Did you DIY the moving slideshow on your sidebar of your Fave Blogs and Giveaways? If so, can you pls let me know how it's done?

    New Follower!

    1. I also love those webdesigners. They're amazing. And I really love the one I got from Rachel. It was really cheap so perfect for me. She's really nice because she also send me the free rater for it. ^_^

  6. Steph I also have another blog called YA Blogosphere which is a directory listing for all YA-related blogs. If your interested in listing your blog pls email me on


  7. I am SO with you when it comes to both reading & music!! Total bummer about your MP3 player >.< I've haven't been able to get into many book trailers...not sure why. Maybe I should watch more! Anyways, great answers & thanks for sharing ♥


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