Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Book Blogger Challenge - Day 4

Hosted by Rachel @ Parajunkee

I loved the new year's challenge so I'm definitely joining this valentine's challenge. =D

Love-Triangles. The ones that worked for you. The ones that didn’t.

Love-triangles are hard. Some authors make it work and some authors... not so much.

The ones that work for me:

The Host: Melanie - Jared - Wanda - Ian
Okay so this isn't the most regular love-triangle ever. It's quite complicated but still one of my favorites. So there's Wanda in Melanie's body who through Mel's memories gets feelings for Mel's boyfriend Jared and then there's Ian, who Wanda gets feelings for when they get to know each other. Yep. Complicated. And as much as I disliked Jared, I really wanted him to be with Melanie. So glad it all worked out!

The Infernal Devices: Will - Tessa - Jem
Probably my favorite love-triangle out there. It just worked, you know? And I think that's because they all loved each other and wanted the other to be happy. That's a nice change from all the hate some guys in love-triangled have for each other. 

The ones that didn't work for me:

House of Night: Zoey and ALL her guys.
This is probably my #1 worst love-triangle ever. I don't think you can even call it a triangle because Zoey had so many guys. I don't even remember who they all were. There was Heath, Stark, Erik and some others. God, it was awful. Also the reason why I stopped reading this series. It was just too ridiculous for words.

The Selection: Aspen - America - Maxon
So I kind of have a real dislike for this series ever since The Elite. I'm so frustrated by these three. Especially America... she keeps going back and forth. In one scene she might be thinking about wanting to be with Aspen and in the next she's ready to go on with Maxon. And that's not even involving all the drama of the selection. Such a dislike for this love-triangle. And I just really don't want America to end up with Aspen or Maxon. They both suck so badly.

How about you?
Which love-triangles do you like? Which do you hate?
Let me know!


  1. Ugh Zoey xD
    I miss the REAL Ian after watching the movie again :/

  2. I never made it through The Host. I got about 50 pages in and stopped reading.


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