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Review: Trailblazer by Michelle Diener

Title: Trailblazer
Author: Michelle Diener
Series: Verdant String #3
Publication: March 5th 2019 by Eclipse
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Purchase Link: Amazon
Rating: 4/5

He's on a mission . . .
She's running for her life . . .
And if they get off-planet alive, she'll have to trust he won't reveal her darkest secret.

Tally Riva is not what she seems, and even she's not happy about it. Infected, invaded, she's not quite sure how to describe it, but on a disastrous mission to a ghost ship, something burrowed its way into her body. Into her mind.

When her commander decides the best cure for what he thinks is Tally's trauma is to send her on the famous Veltos Trail, Tally goes without revealing what's really behind her mental anguish. Anything to be seen as normal again, anything to ignore what she's afraid is happening to her.

But Veltos isn't the safe place it seems. The chosen military personnel lucky enough to be offered the chance to walk the Trail are supposed to be the only people on Veltos. But Ben Guthrie, a captain in Arkhoran Special Forces, knows they're not. He and his team have been on Veltos for a month already, tracking suspicious enemy activity, and he's gone undercover on the Trail in search of a satellite his superiors are sure has been shot down.

When Ben's worst fears become reality, and they find themselves hunted by a cunning enemy through the thick forests of Veltos, Tally and Ben fight together to survive. And Tally has to decide if accepting the changes inside her will save them both, or be her doom.

TRAILBLAZER is a standalone novel, and the third full length book set in the world of the Verdant String.

Books in the series are: Interference & Insurgency (Two Novellas of the Verdant String), Breakaway, Breakeven, Trailblazer.

Trailblazer was a highly addictive read. I flew through it in three days, which is really fast but I just couldn't put the story down. I was very hooked. It's the third book in the Verdant String series but you can easily read it as a standalone. And even though I've read the previous books I felt like in Trailblazer there was extra danger to this particular story and for its characters which raised the stakes even more and I really liked that since it made it all that more exciting to read. It's probably the main reason why I didn't want to put the book down.

The two leading characters, Tally and Ben were just so interesting to read about. I feel like I enjoyed reading about them both equally, which isn't a thing that happens a lot because I either like one character more than the other but in the case of this book I really couldn't pick a favorite. They were both great characters and I loved their chemistry as well. The romance isn't the main part of the story. This is a thing I love so much about these books. Yes, there is romance but it doesn't overshadow the plot or even the characters' personalities. They have jobs to do and lives to save and that's what's most important to them. This will always be a possitive thing for me and a big win in any book.

The author also has a great knack for writing secondary characters and making me care for them, even the antagonists in a way. Except Irwin. I fucking hated Irwin. Sorry. lol But yeah, the secondary characters were also awesome (as they always are) and I'd love to read more about them, maybe in their own books. Who knows, right?

I probably say it in all my reviews of books by Michelle Diener but I always highly enjoy her science fiction novels. Trailblazer was no different. It had a great cast of characters, especially the two leading protagonists. The story was action packed and the writing was fast-paced, never getting dull. The dash of romance, which was just the right amount for me was amazingly writting as well. What more can I say? I really love the world of the Verdant String. 

Author bio:
Michelle Diener writes historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Having worked in publishing and IT, she’s now very happy crafting new worlds and interesting characters and wondering which part of the world she can travel to next.
Michelle was born in London, grew up in South Africa and currently lives in Australia with her husband and two children.

When she’s not writing, or driving her kids from activity to activity, you can find her blogging at Magical Musings, or online at Twitter, at Google+and Facebook.

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  1. I genuineyl get so excited when someone mentions how a romance didn't detract from a main story in a book! That makes me stand up and cheeer (internally at least!)

  2. That's what I love about her books so much!


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