Friday, March 29, 2019

This or That #1

Today I decided to do a this or that post. Romi @ Romi Reads has been doing a couple of these posts on her blog and other blogger can use them for their own blogs so I thought it might be fun to do it myself. Definitely check out Romi's blog and beautiful instagram as well! 

Fiction or non-fiction?
I'm just making it hard on myself picking this question. I love both fiction and non-fiction but if I have to choose I'd have to pick non-fiction. I know I'm probably in the minority with that but I also think the people who know me a little bit won't be surprised by this? I've always loved the genre ever since I was a kid. My favorite kind of nonfiction related to history, especially ancient history but I've also been known to read some inspirational nonfiction as well.

These are some of my favorite nonfiction books. I'd recommend all of them very highly!

Background noise/music or silence
I'm very particular about background noise and/or silence when I read. When I'm reading at home I need absolute silence when I read. I can't stand background noise or music then but when I read in a public place like on the bus or train I don't mind background noise so much. I don't know if this is weird or not... LOL

One or multiple POV’s?
Multiple for sure! I don't exactly mind one POV but I think with multiple the story is much more interesting than with just one. Honestly, the more POVs the better for me. 

Classic or contemporary?
I'm gonna have to go for contemporary. This isn't my most read genre but I don't read a lot of classics (although I do have my favorites) but I  enjoy contemporary books more, especially dark romance à la Pepper Winters.

These are some of my favorite contemporary books. I'd also recommend all of them very highly!

Library or bookshop?
Bookshop! The library in my town isn't very good, to be honest. They don't have a lot fo English books, mostly on the classics. And they never have any of the new releases, unfortunately. The bigger library in the city I live close by is a little better but I wouldn't say they have the best books either so I'm kind of forced to buy most of the books I read. Also, on the rare occassion that I have borrowed books I felt a little pressued because they had to be read by a certain point and I didn't like that feeling very much. 

Feel free to reply with your own answers in the comments. I'd love to know them! ♥


  1. I knew you would pick nonfiction! That would be a hard choice for me, too, but I'd probably go with fiction, just because I read way more of it.

  2. It's not surprising at this point, is it? Haha.

  3. I have the a weird relationship with background noise as well. At home, I like something in the background, but I'm terrible at reading I public. I get easily distracted.

    I just got back from Starbucks where I was reading for an hour, and it was sooo hard. I kept get distracting by what was going on around me.

  4. I love this or that's! :) I'm more of a fiction girl, but I should get more into non-fiction for sure. Agree on the background noise - usually no, but sometimes it's okay :)

  5. I am impressed that you would actually choose nonfiction over fiction! I understand but I thought it might be fiction. And I agree on a bookshop as the choice too. Great tag x

    My recent post:

  6. I think it's because I don't buy a lot of nonfiction because it's more expensive so I'm desperate for it? xD

  7. I can get really annoyed when the radio or something is on when I read. lol

  8. Even a little noise from radio or tv can set me off lmao xD

  9. I love this idea! I am always intrigued by your non-fiction reviews and one of these days I will give one a try, too. I am glad that you have a bookstore that has a nice selection. It's too bad that your library doesn't have a good collection. Love your responses, Stephanie! :)


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