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Review: Breakeven by Michelle Diener

Title: Breakeven
Author: Michelle Diener
Series: Verdant String #2
Publication: October 8th 2018 by Eclipse

Genre: Science Fiction
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Rating: 4/5

Dee had been fighting one war, only to find herself caught up in another . . .

When circumstances leave Dee stranded on the Breakaway planet of Lassa, she has to choose--take the easy way out, or stand and fight an enemy much like the one she left behind on her home world of Garmen.

For Sebastian, leading the Lassian resistance has come at a heavy price. Forced to gamble the last of his resources on a risky ploy to get some leverage over the Core Companies that run Lassa, he stares defeat in the face when it fails. There's no backup plan left. Nothing more to work with. And all around him, people are starving, and it looks as if the Cores have entered a deal with a hostile alien force, to enrich themselves even more.

But Dee inspires him. Even though it's his fault she's on Lassa to begin with, her courage and steady calm are the assets he needs, and unbeknownst to both of them, she has with her the key to bringing the Cores to their knees.

Now they just have to turn the lock in time.

I really enjoyed Breakeven, which didn't come as a surprise because I've liked every book Michelle Diener has written. But this one was really good. I was hooked pretty much from the start and dare I say I liked it even more than Breakaway? I think I did! This series is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites.

Breakeven features Dee who we already met in Breakaway. I remember not disliking Dee in the previous book but for some reason I also didn't fully love her, if that makes sense. However, this changed completely with this book now that I could read in her point of view. I really ended up loving her because she kicked some serious ass. I probably said it before in some previous review of a book by this author but she always managed to write heroines who are badass and don't necessarily need a man to help them out. You just have to love that.

We were also introduced to Sebastian. He was a new character and as you can probably guess Dee's love interest. Plain and simple: I also loved him. Also probably more than Leo in Breakaway. Not that it's a contest or anything. I just felt it was worth mentioning. The romance isn't the focal point of these books, which is an aspect that I really like. But there was definitely a lot of chemistry between Dee and Sebastian. I just had to say that. 

As I mentioned in my review of Breakaway the world building in these books is on point. I really enjoy reading about every aspect of this world, even the darker side. And of course I hope to read even more about it in the future.

Breakeven by Michelle Diener is an amazing action-packed scifi adventure and romance that I just couldn't put down. This story will hook you with its fast paced story and various fascinating characters. I loved it.

*Breakeven can be read as a standalone but I'd recommend to read Breakaway first.

Author bio:
Michelle Diener writes historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Having worked in publishing and IT, she’s now very happy crafting new worlds and interesting characters and wondering which part of the world she can travel to next.
Michelle was born in London, grew up in South Africa and currently lives in Australia with her husband and two children.

When she’s not writing, or driving her kids from activity to activity, you can find her blogging at Magical Musings, or online at Twitter, at Google+and Facebook.

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  1. Wow, she's written so many books! How cool that you're such a big fan😊

  2. I've been reviewing her books pretty much since I started blogging and have been doing it since her first books. I always enjoy them!

  3. I am so glad you've been able to continue enjoying books by this author! I absolutely love good world building so knowing that is done well makes me look forward to trying something by this author ^.^


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