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Audiobook Review: The Pawnee Indians: Proud Yet Peaceful People of the Stars by HistoryIn60

Title:  The Pawnee Indians: Proud Yet Peaceful People
Author: HistoryIn60
Publication: February 13, 2018 by in60Learning
Genre: Audiobook, History, Nonfiction
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Rating: 4/5

The Pawnee Indians were a fierce, proud, and determined people who called themselves the "men of men". Though there are many Native American tribes to learn about, the Pawnees were unique in many ways; they were a peace-loving, agricultural people with permanent settlements in what is now Nebraska. They dedicated themselves to their gods, the stars, and even arranged their villages according to important star clusters. They fought one notable bloody war with the Lakota, but in 1875, when it came time to make a treaty with the white settlers, the Pawnee packed their bags and left their tribal homeland for a reservation in Oklahoma. Though this displacement has diminished the preservation of their culture, delving into their history is a way to honor it.

First of all I want to say I'm so glad I was offered the chance to listen to this audiobook of The Pawnee Indians. I really enjoyed listening to it. It's only my second audiobook of the year so far, which is already twice more than the previous year. So that's really great on its own for me. Usually I get easily bored or my mind starts to drift when I listen to audiobooks but I'm glad to say this wasn't the case at all with this one. Maybe it was because it was only about an hour long or because the subject was really interesting. It was probably both. 

Starting this book I didn't know anything about The Pawnee Indians although I've always been interested in Native American history. So because of that in every single chapter there were a lot of new things for me to learn. And some things I did learn were pretty surprising to me as well. That's why I love history so much. 

I really liked the narrator, Andrew Colford, as well. He had a great voice and accent to listen to, which also never got boring. And as someone who's first language isn't English I could understand him perfectly, which is always a bonus for me with audiobooks. 

5 interesting facts I learned:

  • The Pawnee Indians practiced human sacrifice.
  • The Pawnee people were deeply religious and didn't convert to Christianity until the late 1800's
  • Family lineage in the Pawnee tradition was matriarchal.
  • Women n Pawnee culture were underplayed but some were entrusted with vital roles.
  • They were warriors but valued peace in their own community. 

Some pictures related to the Pawnee people:

Flag of the Pawnee Nation.
{picture is public domain}

Pawnee father and son (1912)
{picture is public domain}

Pawnee lodges near Genoa, Nebraska (1873)
{picture is public domain}

La-Roo-Chuck-A-La-Shar (Sun Chief) was a Pawnee chief who died fighting the Lakota at Massacre Canyon.
{picture is public domain}

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  1. Oh wow Stephanie, this sounds like such an interesting read. all their practices and beliefs. Glad you enjoyed it, I think I would too.


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