Friday, June 22, 2018

Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag 2018

I did this tag last year too and I saw it on a couple of other blogs like (un)Conventional Book Views, Ruby Rae Reads & Paper Fury as well this week so thought I might as well do it again this year. Consider yourself tagged if you want to do it yourself. ♥

How much I've read

What I've been Reading

Best book of the year so far
My Dear Hamilton by Stephanie Dray & Laura Kamoie {Review}
Ecstasy by Mary Sharratt {Review}

Although My Dear Hamilton is my #1 favorite book of the year so far, I just had to add Ecstasy too because it's a close second. Both are historical fiction and I just can't recommend these books high enough. No other books I've read have come even close to them both.

Best sequel of the year so far
Final Debt by Pepper Winters {Review}

I haven't read many sequels yet this year. Maybe this is why I have so many unfinished series? But I thought the last Indebted book by Pepper Winters was incredible! I'm also kind of proud of myself for finally finishing this series so now I've read every single book by this author. It was one of my goals for 2018.

New release you haven't read yet but want to

Clash of Empires by Ben Kane
Legendary by Stephanie Garber
LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff
The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco

These are just a few out of the never ending list of new releases that I still have to read. Which one should I pick up first? 

Most anticipated release for autumn/winter?

Shades of Wicked by Jeaniene Frost
When Women Ruled the World: Six Queen of Egypt by Kara Cooney
Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare
Someday by David Levithan

I'm looking forward to many new releases this autumn/winter but these books are my top 4. I think it's also pretty funny that they're all different genres. 

Biggest disappointment of the year so far:

Let's just say I kind of couldn't stand this book. If you want to know more you can read my review.

Biggest surprise of the year so far
Audiobook: Amanda Noble, #zoolife by Lesa Boutin {Review}

It wasn't a surprise that I loved a book by this author because I've highly enjoyed her work in the past but that I actually loved an audiobook is a bit of a surprise. I had to choice between the e-book or audiobook and for some reason I picked audiobook. I'm so glad I did because it worked so well for me. I couldn't stop listening to the book. 

New Favorite Author

This was a little hard for me to choose because I haven't read many authors this year so far that were new to me but I'm going with Faith L. Justice because I loved Twilight Empress {Review} so much + she seems like such a nice person as well.

Your Newest Favorite Character

Sutton is one of the billionaires in the story that wants to claime the main character, Harper. I totally fell in love with him in Survival of the Richest although I'm actually not quite sure if I can fully trust him yet but hopefully I'll find out in the second book. #TeamSutton

Book that made you cry
The Girl and Her Ren by Pepper Winters {Review}

This is the only book that has made me cry so far this year so you can imagine how much it hurt my heart. It was brilliantly written but damn it was so tough!

A book that made you happy
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer 

Re-reading Artemis Fowl always make me incredibly happy. I've also been re-reading the rest of the series. I'm at book six now.

Most beautiful book so far
Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray
Ecstasy by Mary Sharratt

These two are my favorite covers by far! Lily of the Nile recently got this new gorgeous cover, which I'm just crazy about. And the cover of Ecstasy has blown me away from the start. I plan on buying a hardcover copy of it sometime. I just have to!

What's your favorite book of the year so far? (or any of the other questiosn from above.) I'd love to know!


  1. Looks like you've read some pretty great books so far this year! And great job on your Reading Challenge so far. :)

  2. I haven't seen this tag before. What a great idea to really take a look at your progress mid-way through the year. You've read some great titles so far and I hope that you continue to enjoy the next books on your list. Someday!!! So excited for it. :)

  3. You're doing awesome on your Goodreads challenge! Looks like you've had a lot of really great reads, too!

  4. Okay you are doing great on your challenge! I just finished Legendary like 20 mins ago and I hope you love it (I'm still in shock). Also super excited for Queen of Air and Darkness for sure but real quick how did I not know there was another book in the Everday series???? Adding it now!!

  5. I love this tag! Might try it as well :) I still need to read The Bone Witch, do you recommend it?

  6. I'd HIGHLY recommend it. It was in my top 3 of books I read last year.

  7. That's all I need to know to read it! :D

  8. Also... I don't know if you noticed but I changed my regular comments to the DISQUS one. Do you think this is better?

  9. I did notice! I don't mind DISQUS but it sometimes irks me that I have to login. Does that make sense?
    Was it easy to change to this format?

  10. I get that! Overall it was easy but took some concentration. I think it'll be better in the long wrong because people will be able to see my replies to their comment easier.

  11. That's definitely true! Let me know how it works out, I might change it too :)

  12. Oh I agree, Lily and Ecstasy are mesmerising! (I love this tag!)

  13. Lily of the Nile and Ecstasy are such lovely covers *happy sigh*

  14. Someday I'll buy myself a hardcover copy of Ecstasy!

  15. It's just too bad the cover of Lily of the Nile is only available for the Kindle version or I'd buy a real copy of it.

  16. Lifelike is also one on my TBR! I started Ecstasy but then took a break (not because I didn't like it, I do that often. My reading mood changes quickly.) But I intend to pick it up again in July!!


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