Tuesday, October 9, 2018

ARC Review: Lost by Constance Roberts

Title: Lost
Author: Constance Roberts

Series: Twisted Fairy Tales #2
Publication: October 20th 2018 by Gryfyn Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Retelling
Purchase it on: Amazon
Rating: 3/5

What if Peter Pan was a girl?

Neverland sits in ruins.

The Pirate Queen wages war.

Pandora’s only hope lies in a boy… with no powers.

It’s been a century since the Pirate Queen banned all men from the island. Pandora and her Lost Girls hide in crumbling palaces of rulers long gone while pirates terrorize the land. Pan’s only solace is sneaking off to the human realm with her pixie, Tinkerbeau, and spying on the most fascinating creatures she’s ever seen… humans.
Tucked away in the flats of London, Pan discovers a lonely boy with an astonishing connection to Neverland. She whisks him away to give as a present to the Lost Girls, convinced he is the key to restoring peace. But as they prepare to battle the Pirate Queen, a terrible truth is revealed.
There’s only one way to save Neverland.
But Pan’s past has a hidden secret, one that puts her friends— and all of Neverland— in danger.

I'm always jumping on the chance to read a retelling of a story that I love. And I was into the story for sure but overall I can't say it was the best I've ever read. I do have to admit I'm a bit hard to please when it comes to retellings like this one, especially related to Peter Pan, so this is definitely a personal thing and I'm sure a lot of other readers might enjoy it a little bit more.

In ways Lost was a very different read in contrast to the original story of Peter Pan (of which I'm a huge fan.) But there were also a lot of the same elements that we all know and love from the original. It was a genderbent story so instead of Peter Pan we have Pandora a.k.a. Pan. Instead of the Lost Boys there's the Lost Girls. Instead of Tinker Bell we have Tinkerbeau. It goes on like this for a couple of more of the characters. But I think you all get it now. And what can I say? I absolutely loved this concept. 

Another possitive thing is that at 200 pages (according to the Amazon page of the book) it's not a very long read. At least not to me. So I finished it fairly quickly. It was quite the page-turner too and I had a hard time putting my Kindle down to stop reading because I always wanted to know what Pan was going to do or say next. I really liked her. Maybe even more so than a male Pan? 

Lost by Constance Roberts is a unique and modern twist on the story everyone knows at least a little bit. It's definitely worth checking out!

About the author:
Constance Roberts is a retired flight attendant who turned in her wings to stay at home with her adventurous daughter and to write. She and her husband live in St. Louis, Missouri where they spend the weekends playing board games with friends. She spends way too much time on Pinterest and her house is littered with half-finished craft projects. She is currently working on three titles at once, and has big plans for another fantasy series.
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  1. oooh, Peter Pan as a girl?! I love that -- and it sounds like a fast-paced and exciting retelling!

  2. I like a good retelling and I also like genderbent stories as well, so it appeals to me in that way. It sounds addicting but if there was nothing that particularly stood out to you about it I'm not sure it's one for me...

  3. I love that this retelling switches the genders...that is fascinating. I'll have to check out this one, Stephanie!

  4. I love stories that switches the genders!

  5. I read "What if Peter Pan was a girl?" and I was like yup I'm reading that lol

  6. I love the author as a person so I don't want to turn people off from reading her books but I also need to be honest in my reviews and it's a good enough book to read once but nothing more than that for me.

  7. I like the gender swap on this, definitely gives a fresh take to the original story!

  8. This sounds totally FASCINATING, Steph!! I think the gender swap sure worked in this particular case. I remember reading Stephenie Meyer's "Life and Death", which was a gender switch version of "Twilight", and not liking it AT ALL. Most of the fans didn't.

    This author seems to have handled things really well, though! So I'm definitely adding this one to my Goodreads shelves! Thanks so much for sharing!! HUGS!! <3 :)

  9. Oooh! This book sounds like one that I should try as well. What a cool concept for a Peter Pan retelling. Also, the gender swap aspect is really intriguing. Glad that you enjoyed it. :)


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