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Review: Song of Princes by Janell Rhiannon

Title: Song of Princes
Author: Janell Rhiannon
Series: Homeric Chronicles #1
Publication: June 22nd 2016

Genre: Fantasy ~ Mythology
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Rating: 4/5

Sing Muse. Sing of the shining citadel of Troy rising from the hot sands of Asia. Sing of the Greek palaces ascending from their rocky hilltops. Sing of one woman’s dream heralding the madness of men and the murder of innocents. From bull dancing rings and wild meadows, the Forgotten Prince must choose between love and a golden crown. From seclusion and safety, the Golden Warrior must choose between his honor and his life. From behind the Great Wall, the Golden Prince must choose between his family and his city. And from a rugged realm on the far side of Greece, the Warrior King must choose between his son’s life and certain exile. Here shepherds and princes, warriors and kings, and seers and lovers seek to conquer their passions, outwit destiny or surrender to it.

PARIS, the FORGOTTEN PRINCE. Abandoned at birth and raised as a shepherd, Paris believes he is destined for a simple life. His heart belongs to the nymph, Oenone, until the beautiful Helen forces him to choose.

ACHILLES, the GOLDEN WARRIOR. Destined to live a short life, Achilles becomes the young lover of a princess who he abandons for the passions of war. He discovers that love is his only weakness.

HEKTOR, the GOLDEN PRINCE. As guardian of the citadel, Hektor must balance his heart’s desire between the beautiful Andromache and the people he’s sworn to protect.

ODYSSEUS, the WARRIOR KING. Forced into a war against his will, Odysseus leaves his young wife, Penelope, behind. Their love must stand the test of time and temptation.

The HOMERIC CHRONICLES tell the stories of Paris, Achilles, Hektor, and Odysseus in one chronological tale, beginning before the ILIAD and ending long after the ODYSSEY. Blending both history and myth, this series will satisfy your love of Greek mythology, while paying homage to the original storyteller, Homer.

HOMERIC CHRONICLES is an epic mythological trilogy about the Trojan War meant for grown-ups who like to mix a little warfare with their romance

It's been a few days since I finished reading Song of Princes and I still can't stop thinking about it. I've been a huge fan of (Greek) mythology since I was a kid so when I saw this book on sale I bought it right away. It sounded right up my alley and luckily for me I really enjoyed it.

I finished this book in only two days, which is something I can't seem to do anymore lately unless I'm really into the story and can't stop reading. I did exactly that with this book. 

The thing that struck me the most when I started reading the book was how amazing the writing was. It was written in such a beautifully detailed way that I couldn't help but love it. 

This book was the kind of read about mythology that I hadn't know I was waiting for. It featured well known characters like Paris, Helen, Hektor, Oddyses, Achilles but also less known ones as well. The story mostly led up to how the Trojan war started. I just loved it.

Overall, Song of Princes was such a good book. The writing, the characters, reading about some of my favorite mythologies combined with how the author doesn't shy away from the tough stuff is what made this a great read. 

Janell Rhiannon always had her nose in a book when growing up, reading by flashlight when it was "lights out" time. Her love of reading turned into a desire to tell stories. She now writes in all the spare moments she can squeeze out of a day. She adores historical fiction, historical romance, mythology and epic fantasy. Anything magical and mystical. And dragons. And gargoyles. She is an avid Game of Thrones fan. A complete geek about it, actually. Writing takes up a huge chunk of time, but she makes time for those important people in life. She texts a lot. Loves coffee. And still hangs out with her very first best girlfriend!
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  1. WOAH. Hellllloooooo, handsome! Why have I never seen this book before?! This is definitely something I would enjoy. Greek mythology? Yes please! I'm going to check this one out right now. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Stephanie!

    Have a lovely week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. I have read two other novels from this author, and I know how beautiful her writing can be. I am glad it carries through to this novel as well. I also really want to read this one son because of Greek mythology <3


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