Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Loot Crate ► My Dream Crate

I think we can all agree that subscription boxes are the best thing ever. Right? It's so much fun with the anticipation of the box arrive and to open it to see what all the goodies inside are. One of those subscription boxes is Loot Crate. I haven't gotten one of these boxes for myself yet, but of course I know of it and someday I definitely want to because their boxes look seriously awesome and perfect for people who love nerdy things (Like me!)

But anyway, they put together a fun project for fans to do where you get to create your very own dream crate. I jumped at the chance of doing this because it sounded like a lot of fun and to be honest I've been picturing my perfect crate for ages. Here we go!

The Theme:

Through Time and Space


And that's it!

What do you all think of these items? And what would be in YOUR dream crate?


  1. JAMIE FRASER <3333!!! I also got an email from Loot crate to do this post :P I absolutely love your theme!!!
    Kariny @kariny's book frenzy

    1. They never have his funko at the store where I live. *sobs* Are you gonna do a post also? It's so much fun!

  2. OMG, my husband would LOVE that mug! And that GotG pouch is so cute!

    1. The mug is my #1 Doctor Who related item I want so badly!

  3. I'd buy your crate ;) I used to get LootCrate but stopped when I didn't have the money. I should look into them again

  4. I have a TARDIS mug and I absolutely love it! I think you would too. I also really want to read Defy the Stars, so I can agree with you on that being an ideal book. The May the Force Be With you Pillow looks so cool DD:

  5. Ah this would be an amazing box! Both books are on my TBR and I love Guardians of the Galaxy, Outlander and Star Wars :)


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