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Gilmore Girls Book Tag ~ Part 1

In honor of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life me and Christina @ Booklover's Tea Party decided to post the Gilmore Girls Book Tag from Yvonne @ A World Between Folded Pages.

1.   I just got hit by a deer! 
- character having the worst day ever –

Christina: Under the never sky, The Hunger games, Maze Runner. Any dystopian book really? Are there ever any of those where we get into it and think oh what a lovely day, sun is shining, birds are chirping. Never takes long for it all to go to hell all in the span of one day and usually brings the characters closer to an awful death unless they somehow survive.

Stephanie: Sophie Hatter in Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. She sure has a bad day when the Witch of the Waste puts her under that spell that changes her into an old lady. But then again, she met Howl because of that so it definitely was worth it, I think.

2. Stars Hollow
- wildly eccentric cast-

Christina: Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost. Took me a little while to think of one, but then I remembered.. I pretty much love everybody in the Night Huntress series. They’re all different; all have their own unique personality. Some crazy *cough* Ian *cough* some badass like Cat herself and of course Bones, I mean still one of my all time favorite vampires.

Stephanie: The characters of Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series. There are vampires, ghosts, demons, ghouls etc. It's also one of my very favorite series!

3. Kim's Antiques
- a world you'd be afraid to enter –

Christina: Again I’lll say, any dystopian book..  None that I have read so far is a place I want to be. Does not seem fun. Think I’d be terrified to enter the Hunger games though.

StephanieMy mind jumps to a bunch of dystopian books but that seems too obvious so I'm going with the world of An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I loved the book but to live inside it would be pretty terrifying.

4. Coffee
- a book you're addicted to –

Christinaa book as in just one? Impossible. So many series and books to love and more being added all the time. I want to mention the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare cause that series was one of the first where I really had the whole “JUST GIVE ME THE NEXT!” I mean I read the first in Danish and that didn’t stop me from buying them myself in English like I want and going right on to the second, cause no way was I going back, I had to know what would happen next.
More recent one is Sarah J. Maas A Court of Thorns and Roses. Really couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next and you know the books hasn’t even been standing that long on the shelf before I picked it up and now I am finally reading the second.

Stephanie: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning (and any other book in the series). I just love these books and it's my top favorite current series so I'll be beyond sad when the last book releases in January. *sniffles*

5. Lorelai & Luke
 - a book about best friends who fall in love –

Christina: I can’t believe I had to think about this. When I first remembered the book I just went Duh cause obviously it’s With a twist by Staci Hart. I love this book! Kind of like Luke and Lorelai it takes a while before either wants to admit that they have more feelings for eachother, and West the Luke of the story realized first and then came Lily the Lorelai and finally, FINALLY they found eachother.
Honorary mention, Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. Since their story isn’t done yet, who knows what will happen. But so far I really like Emma and Julian.

StephanieEmma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn in Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. They're not only best friends but also parabatai.

6. Mr. Medina
- an illicit affair –

Christina: Hmmm, I kind of think of Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover because they are keeping it a secret and it’s all about the sex and nothing more and they also hide it from Tate’s brother.

Stephanie: Nico by Sarah Castille. This is my current read and so far the book is amazing. The illicit affair in it is between Nico and Mia who are from rival mafia families. The chemistry is off the charts!

7. Dean
- first book love –

Christina: So when I first started reading, I read in Danish obviously. With those I had a completely different taste compared to now. It was all these teen books about boys and all that. Then one day, I saw Twilight the movie with my friend and don’t know, just thought I want that book and I want it in English because it’s the original language. So by some miracle the book store actually had an English shelf and of course Twilight was on there. The rest is history I guess. I read it, loved it. Read it multiple times before I got my hands on some of next in the series. Then came the Host, which I remember I had to order from the bookstore to get it. So it’s Twilight, but also the Host because the Host brought me deeper into the much bigger universe of books, with so many options because I didn’t have to count on which the danes wanted to translate. And of course The Host is what me and Stephanie first bonded over. We’re still waiting for that sequel.

Stephanie: Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. I've always loved reading even before I read the book but Artemis Fowl was the first one that I wanted to read over and over again which is exactly what I did.

8. Luke's Diner
- a comfort read –

Christina: I guess now I don’t really have one. Sure I get the urge to take certain books and read in them a bit, but a full on re-read because I feel like it never really happens. The only time that happened was back when the only book I owned was twilight so I read that over and over. Also happened with The Host though, partly because I didn’t have anything else, other than the twilight books, but also because well it was that good. I guess now my comfort reads are the romance books I read on my kindle.

Stephanie: Airman by Eoin Colfer. This book always makes me cry but everytime I start reading it I feel like I'm coming home, if that makes any sense. Love it!

9. Am I crying or laughing?
- a book that messed with your emotions –

Christina: Clockwork princess by Cassandra Clare. I had a full on sob crying going on at the end and it’s wasn’t because it was like sad sad. It was sad, but also just beautiful and all the emotions in there just got to me. I tried it the next day… still cried.

Stephanie:  Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. One of the best books ever and the elephant stories in it were amazing but damn that ending. Totally didn't expect it at all.

10. I pushed him in the lake!
- a book you'd throw in a lake –

Christina: A book I want to throw in a lake doesn’t really need to be a bad one. Some of the best are usually the ones I want to throw away because they make me feel so much and then when the character does something stupid I just want to throw it away. Also happens with the end of series where that are really good where I just want to throw it away, because how dare it end.  I have mentioned it before, but Clockwork Princess.. the end of that, all I wanted to do was throw it away- in anger that it was over, amazement, the end gave me so many feels you have no idea.
However a book where I forced myself to finish and really wanted to give up was Lover Eternal by J.R Ward.. I know a lot love those Black Dagger brotherhood books, but my god I am sorry I just can’t with those. I already had to force myself through the 1st and the second just got worse so yeah multiple times I wanted to throw it in a lake or burn it or something just to get it to stop.

Stephanie: People who know me well will not be surprised by my choice: The Elite by Keira Cass. I hated that book with a passion. 


Gilmore Girls book tag part 2 is coming next friday!

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  1. Nice post! You know, honestly, I've only seen the first episode of this series and I don't remember much. I like the actors though. Will probably binge watch the entire series on Netflix someday.

    1. I never watched all the episodes either. I used to watch sporadically when it was on tv years ago. But I'll probably watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life anyway.

  2. I love your answers! Such a fun tag ^_^ It's true, I'd never want to live in a dystopian world. I'd be one of those minor characters that dies first XD haha

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles


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