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Review: The Rules of the Game by Liz Duffy Adams & Delia Sherman

Title: The Rules of the Game
Author: Liz Duffy Adams & Delia Sherman
Series: Whitehall ~ Season one, Episode V

Publication: June 15th 2016 by Serial Box Publishing
Genre: Historical Fiction
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Rating: 4/5

Review copy received in exchange for an honest review.

New arrivals cause a stir in the fifth installment of Whitehall, an episodic royal tale full of true history and sensual intrigue, new from Serial Box Publishing.

Changes at court reflect the nation’s own transformation as new faces and sleeping arrangements upset the status quo. But not everyone is happy, and plots against the queen grow amongst the discontented.

This episode is brought to you by Liz Duffy Adams and Delia Sherman, who advise you to be wary of newcomers.

"The Rules of the Game" continues the 13-part serial, Whitehall, presented by Serial Box. Intrigue, romance, and scandal fill the palace halls in this historical tale, collaboratively written by Liz Duffy Adams, Delia Sherman, Barbara Samuel, Madeleine Robins, Sarah Smith, and Mary Robinette Kowal.

It's funny how with each story I read in this serial, I find a new favorite. But I just can't help it. It was yet another great addition. And the end... talk about a cliffhanger! 

The Rules of the Game was written by Liz Duffy Adams & Delia Sherman. The first episode was also written by them. This part continues the story. There's more intrigue, someone new arrived at court and the end actually made me gasp out loud because this might change things a lot. And if I'm not mistaken the next episode won't come until July 13 so I'm going to have to wait a for a little while. 

I really love these episodes. It's interesting to read how Catherine who isn't yet used to the English court navigate it and I do love her relationship and chemistry with Charles. Also, the writing is excellent.

As always it was a quick read and I think it's perfect for people who want to read something short but that's also actually a great story. And it, being historical makes it even more perfect in my opinion. So if you haven't checked out this serial I would highly recommend you doing so!

About Liz Duffy Adams

Liz Duffy Adams is a playwright whose play neo-Restoration comedy Or, premiered Off Broadway at Women's Project Theater and has been produced 40 times since, including at Magic Theater and Seattle Rep. She's a New Dramatists alumna and has received a Women of Achievement Award, Lillian Hellman Award, New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, Weston Playhouse Music Theater Award, and Will Glickman Award. Her plays include Dog Act; A Discourse on the Wonders of the Invisible World; Buccaneers; Wet or, Isabella the Pirate Queen Enters the Horse Latitude; The Listener, The Reckless RUthless Brutal Charge of It or, The Train Play; and One Big Lie.

About Delia Sherman

Delia Sherman is the author of numerous short stories, as well as the novels Through a Brazen Mirror and The Porcelain Dove. She has judged the Crawford Award for Best First Fantasy Novel, The Jame Tiptree, Jr. Award, and the World Fantasy Award. She has taught SF and Fantasy writing at Odyssey: the Fantasy Writing Workshop, the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Workshop, The Hollins University Graduate Program in Children's Literature, the Alpha Workshop for Young Writers, and workshops at colleges and science fiction conventions all over America.

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