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Review: Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters

Title: Unseen Messages
Author: Pepper Winters
Publication: March 30th 2016

Genre: Adult ~ Contemporary Romance
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Rating: 4/5

Review copy received in exchange for an honest review.


"Instincts are what keep us safe from fate. Ignoring them can change your life forever."

Fame and fortune arrived overnight and after months on the road with her singing tour, all Estelle craves is peace. Tired and ready for paradise, she travels to Fiji to recuperate.

Stubborn and surly, Galloway is avoided by most--which is exactly the way he likes it. However, he's done spending his life in regret and hopes to find redemption in the tropical wilderness.

Together, they board the flight that changes their fate forever. Crash landing on a deserted island, they not only have to figure out how to survive with no skills and daily dangers--learning how to fish, find water, and build shelter--but also inherit two children who look to them to keep them alive.

However, staying alive might be the least of Galloway and Estelle's problems. As days creep to months and rescue doesn't find them, their desire for each other ignites.

They started as strangers.
They grew to be friends.
They fought the desire to be lovers.

Lust can be the most beautiful thing. Love the most rewarding. But not on an island where life hangs by a thread and giving into temptation can kill you.

Can they survive being forgotten or will love be their ultimate undoing?

From New York Times Bestseller Pepper Winters comes a timeless love story answering the question of what happens when everything is stripped away.

So this book was long. Very long. With 714 pages it took me almost two weeks to finish this book, which is a long time for me. The story did drag at some points but overall it was a pretty epic story and Pepper Winters always knows how to tug on my heartstrings. Unseen Messages may be her most finest story yet.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this story except excellence as it's a book by Pepper Winters. I didn't even know this was a survival romance before receiving and starting to read it. But I was pleasantly surprised by the turn this book took when the characters crash landed on a deserted island.

I loved the main characters, Estelle and Galloway. They had chemistry right off the bat but they also had flaws and weren't perfect. But together they were pretty amazing. I also adored Connor and Pippa, the kids who also crash landed with them. 

There were some things, mostly some stupid actions by the characters that made me think they could've been much smarter about. I won't say what I'm refering to but I was quite annoyed by it. There were also parts that were so freaking sad and made me tear up so much. I'm still sad about it.

And as always the writing  was gorgeous. Pepper Winters can form the most gorgeous sentences, she's a true poet. 

So all in all, Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters was amazing. There were some parts that I enjoyed less and I also thought the story was a bit too long but overall it was such a great story and something different from this author.

       About the Author:

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Pepper Winters is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today International Bestseller. After chasing her dreams to become a full-time writer, Pepper has earned recognition with awards for best Dark Romance, best BDSM Series, and best Hero. She’s an multiple #1 iBooks bestseller, along with #1 in Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, and Erotica Thriller. She’s also honoured to wear the IndieReader Badge for being a Top 10 Indie Bestseller. Pepper is a Hybrid Author of both Traditional and Self-published work. Her Pure Corruption Series was released by Grand Central, Hachette.
Her books have garnered foreign interest and are currently being translated into numerous languages, including already released titles in Italian and Turkish. Audio Books for her entire back-list will be available in 2016.

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