Friday, April 17, 2015

Blogger Interview with Jennifer from Book Bird Reviews

Today I have a blogger interview that I did with Jennifer of Book Bird Reviews

Name: Jennifer
Blog Name: Book Bird Reviews
Age: 25
Location: United States
Blogging since: 2012

The interview

Hi Jenn! Welcome once again on Bookfever for a blogger interview. Here are my questions...

Thank you for having me, Steph! I'm honored to be here.

1. How would you describe Book Bird Reviews in once sentence?

     A book lover's hidey-hole.

2. Do you have a recent read you would recommend?

     I definitely have to pick Wish For Me by A. Star. It was a fun and fast read and it's gotten me interested in steampunk novels.

3. Favorite book blogging moment?

     This is a hard question! I said my interview with Ace Remedy before so another of my favorites was when I received my first review request. I still remember that L.H. Cosway asked me to review her novel, A Strange Fire. It's always an awesome feeling when an author gives you a chance to try their book.

4. Which author (dead or alive) would you love to meet?

     Edgar Allan Poe.

5. What do you like the most about having a book blog?

      I like having my own space, I can post anything I wish and there's no one to tell me it's right or wrong.

6. What upcoming 2015 release are you most excited for?

     Ooh! I'm SUPER excited for Oblivion by Kelly Creagh. It's the final book and I am dying to know how the series will end and I miss Varen so much.

7. Recommend three books

    Nevermore by Kelly Creagh, I love that it's based around Poe's work.
    Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, this is a wicked read and creepier than the Hannibal books to me.
    The Shining by Stephen King, one of my favorite books by Mr. King and spooky good.

Lightning round:

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter.
Dystopian or Science Fiction? Dystopian.
Love Triangle or Insta-Love? Insta-Love.
Physical book or e-book? Physical book.
Hobbit or Elf? Dwarf. (I'm a rebel.)

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  1. Haha. Hi Jennifer! :D I follow Jennifer's blog thought it was cool to see her here too. :)


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