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Book Spotlight: Onyx Moon by Constance Roberts

Book Spotlight

Hey guys!
Check out this book spotlight for Onyx Moon. I don't know about you but I am loving the cover. It's soooo gorgeous. There's also an excerpt to read so don't hesitate to let me and the author know what you thought of it.

Onyx Moon by Constance Roberts

Wake up. You're not safe from the shadows any longer...

Privileged city girl Ora Gondry has never had a dream or a nightmare in her entire life. When she lays down to go to sleep, nothing awaits her except a usual emptiness. Until one day, she awakens in a fantasy realm plagued by curses and demonic legions. Through the help of long forgotten heroes, a legendary swordsman and former witch, she learns that her emergence into this land was no accident.

Gifted with a body in each world, Ora's soul transfers between the thresholds of ordinary and surreal. The people of Alethia claim she is bound to an imperative promise, but no one can tell her exactly how to stop the world from falling to dark forces. While in the city, she's just trying to pass exams and keep her best friend from joining a wannabe vampire cult. Oblivious to just how connected these two worlds are, Ora must decide which new friends are true allies and which are Demons in disguise. 

Armed with only faith and unseen Angels, she ventures into the shadows that hold the secrets to her destiny, but also the key to her demise. 

Tracking the girl this far had been easy. Doeryan had been to this part of the city many times, for both business and pleasure. It was no secret that these hidden streets were a playground for mischief and misdeed. He was not surprised Sepkeptra had chosen this sad and forgotten place to make her coven. Only the brave and the foolish set foot around here after midnight. No one witnessed him on his search, even if there had been anyone around to notice him. The demon formed himself into an invisible figure, too complex for mortal eyes to see.

Doeryan could sense the Golden Child was near. He had followed her presence through the dark streets illuminated only by dim, flickering streetlights and smoggy moonbeams. His search stopped abruptly at a familiar building made of faded red bricks.

From the outside, Doeryan could see the silhouettes of dancing masses wriggling their bodies together to a form of music people must first grow accustom to in order to appreciate. Or perhaps be insanely drugged, the demon thought. To him, the noise sounded more like a garble of confused electrical whirs and static. What Orianna was doing in a place like this was no doubt questionable, but orders were orders. To earn his freedom he was instructed to find her, befriend her, and eventually, lead her to her death.

Doeryan stopped at the corner just before he reached the entrance. With no humans around, he altered back to his basic human form, one that would not so quickly scare away women and children, if visible. A tall, broad shouldered young man, with wispy brown hair matching his light brown eyes, wore a simple outfit of a grey thermal top and ragged jeans hanging over thick black boots. The demon intended not to catch too much attention.

He shoved his hands casually in his pockets. With his head down, but his eyes up and alert, he strode up to the door. A flood of smoke and the violet aura of black lights poured out as it opened. Two boys dressed similarly in dark pants and tight black tee shirts, stopped him at the entrance.

Doeryan rolled his eyes and slipped a hand behind his back. The demon had expected as much. “Haven’t seen you before,” bouncer boy number one stated, glaring the suspicious stranger up and down.

“Are you with anyone?” bouncer boy number two questioned in a more friendly tone.

“Yeah,” Doeryan snarled. Boy number two felt the heavy barrel of a Desert Eagle .50 AE press into his sternum. “I’m with him.”

His victim caught the sound of the hammer cocked into place. Cha-chunk.

The demon had no need or intention of going through with the threat with an unloaded gun, but he easily played off the boy’s ignorance.

Doeryan didn’t need guns. He’d been taught other, more elegant and brutal ways to destroy human life. Never had he fired his Eagle, but the pistol was useful at getting his message across.

Raising both hands, the boy pulled away and moved aside, eager to disconnect all contact with this sinister individual. The pistol disappeared before his confused companion could spot it. Instead, the demon.

About the Author:

Constance Roberts is a retired flight attendant who turned in her wings to stay at home with her adventurous daughter and to write. She and her husband live in St. Louis, Missouri where they spend the weekends playing board games with friends. She spends way too much time on Pinterest and her house is littered with half-finished craft projects. She is currently working on Bloodstones, the second book in the Onyx Moon Trilogy, and has big plans for another fantasy series.

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