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Review: Play Me by Blue Ashcroft

Title: Play Me 
Author: Blue Ashcroft
Series: A1pha, Part 1
Genre: New Adult ~ Romance
Cover Rating: 3/5
Overall Rating: 3/5

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

Living in a mansion with three hot dudes could be any girl’s dream…it’s just not Kira Wilson's. Not when Alex Dumont is one of them.

Other girls know him as A1pha, a beautiful, arrogant pro gamer and newly minted billionaire. Kira knows him as an ex crush and a major pain in the butt. But he’s also an old friend and gaming buddy, and when she needs to hide from her abusive ex, she knows that Alex and his roommates Ethan and Ollie (her former gaming teammates) are the right friends to depend on.

Despite the rocky history between them, Kira knows Alex is right when he states that no one can protect her better than he can. Kira's just not sure that physical safety is worth the danger the grudge-holding, haunted, and utterly delicious pro gamer poses to her heart.

But with her ex hot on her trail, and Alex looking at her in a way that’s hard to resist, she'd better figure it out soon.

Important note from the author!
A1pha Episode 1 is the first novella in a three part planned new adult romance series about Kira Wilson and her three hot, nerdy housemates. Each installment is a little over half the length of my typical novels, with an intense cliffhanger at the end. Hope you enjoy!

I liked Play Me. It wasn't amazing or anything and didn't have a lot of character building due to it being a very short read but it was a nice story that I flew through in no time. It read really fast. It's definitely nice to read a story like that every now and then.

The characters were very interesting. I wasn't Kira's biggest fan, because she made some bad decisions in my opinion but I can admire her courage for leaving her abusive ex and coming back to her old friends. 

The three guys... well, what can I say about them without having to fan myself? They were hawt! I guess I wasn't a big fan of Alex either because the way he acted like a dick all the time really annoyed me. Also the way he kept going back and forth with Kira was really putting me off but in the end he had good reason to be the way he was toward her. So, eh, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I really liked Ollie and Ethan, though. They were pretty adorable and cute. Also, Kira's friend, Lulu is a keeper. She was really nice and kind of rocks. 

The story had a pretty high suspense level with the possibility of Kira's ex-boyfriend, Nate showing up. I really like suspense like that. So that was another plus for this book. Also, the romantic scenes between Kira and Alex were pretty damn hot. I also really like how Ethan is kind of interested in Kira, too. It's not exactly a love triangle (yet) in my eyes but I liked that twist. I think Kira should let Alex work for it. Make him a little jealous with Ethan. But anyway, maybe in the next part we'll get more of that. I'll just have to wait and see.

Play Me was a likable read. It wasn't the best ever but it was quick, held my attention and the writing wasn't too bad either. All in all, a pretty interesting concept with the gaming and everyting. Also it had some pretty intense and sexy scenes. I'll definitely am looking forward to reading the next part!

Favorite Quote:

"No one is perfect all the time. Most of us are barely passable as people. We're all going to mess up. What matters is what we do about it."

About the Author:

Blue Ashcroft is a water baby who was basically raised in the water and on her family’s different boats. She enjoys swimming, jumping off tall things, walking during rainstorms, and playing in puddles. She lifeguarded for 3 years and brings much of that experience to her debut novel Deeper, a new adult romance about two lifeguards with traumatic experiences coming together and healing together.

She loves snuggling with her husband, and yes, kissing him under water. She does not, however, condone anyone trying to replicate the under water kissing scenes in Deeper. Some of them are dangerous even for strong swimmers.

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