Monday, April 1, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness: March Wrap-up

Random Acts of Kindness is hosted by Book Soulmates
R.A.K. is not about receiving FREE books! It's about giving as well as receiving. It's about passing on the joy of reading and books with others.

Hi everyone!
Another month has passed and it's already April, although if you look at the weather here you can't really see it. Just yesterday some snow flakes still fell. Hope it gets better soon!
Here's my RAK March Wrap-up...

I received an great book from Mariska @ Me and My Books 
She gave me Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid #1) by Richelle Mead

Thanks again for the book, Mariska, I'm really really happy with it! :D

I also gifted a book to someone. I preodered Undone (The Amoveo Legend #4) by Sara Humphreys for Miki @ Lecture toute une Aventure

I hope she'll love it once she receives it! :D

And that's all for March.
Hope everyone got great books too! 

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  1. i liked succubus blues so i do hope you will enjoy it.
    thank you once again for your RAk ^^ i won't forget to let you know when it arrives


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