Friday, August 31, 2018

Monthly Wrap-Up — August 2018

I can't believe it's the last day of August already. I'm not sad though because this month wasn't the best for me reading wise (although I did read some great books) and personaly I didn't have the best month in general either with my beloved bunny dying one month ago today and feeling unwell with medical issues so here's to hoping September will be much better. Now until December I'm going to focus mostly on my physical books. I have so many unread. I'll still read an e-book here and there if something pops up that I really want to read or book for review but just not as much as in August. And of course I'll still be listening to some audiobooks too (especially now that I have discovered Scribd. Do you know it? It's awesome!) Also, I'm so looking forward to autumn. Bring it on!

On a side note: I've finished rereading the entire Artemis Fowl series now and will do a blog post about my experience soon where I will talk about which books are my favorite (they all are my favorite pretty much but some stick out for me) and how it has been for me rereading one book in the series each month since January. I'm looking forward to it!

The book I've read in August:

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells — 2/5
National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh by David Baxandall — 4/5
(audiobook) When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon — 2/5

The Other Wind by Ursula Le Guin — 4/5
The Demon Race by Alexandria Warwick — 4/5★ {Review}
The Glass Butterfly by A.G. Howard — 4/5★ {Review to come}

What Your Soul Already Knows by Salma Farook — 5/5★ {Review to come}
The Cygnus Key by Adrew Collins — 4/5
Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer — 5/5

(audiobook) How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather — 3/5

Favorite book of the month:

We live life like automatons, moving with reckless inattentiveness through the preset motions. We have lost touch with our inner selves, the self that has all the answers, that is imbued with the natural balance of joy and productivity. What have we forgotten? What have we lost to this mechanical lifestyle?

The secrets to joy, aren’t secrets at all. They aren’t being whispered. You are just not listening loudly enough to the wisdom of your inner voice.

This book is a reminder to listen.

It is a detailed exploration of elements such as personal qualities, interpersonal skills and healthy habits that make up the path to intuitive happiness and productivity.

What Your Soul Already Knows by Salma Farook was a most unexpected book. It really blew me away and I can't wait to share my review with you all soon. It's scheduled to post on Monday.

What was your favorite book of August?


  1. I'm not sad that August is over, either! Looking forward to your Monday review. Happy reading in September!

  2. I hope September is better month for you!

  3. I'm so sorry that August was a disappointment and it's always hard when there is a tragic anniversary tied to it.

    You still had a great reading month regardless!

  4. I'm so sorry that August wasn't a very good month for you, Steph.... What with your bunny going away to Heaven, and your medical issues.... I sure hope September turns out to be a MUCH better month!! And lucky you, you'll actually have the season of autumn! Down here in Miami, Florida, we don't really have seasons. It's mostly hot all year round, with a few cold days in mid-December and into part of January. Lol.

    I see you're a VERY fast reader!! I can't read that many books in a month! :(

    You have such an interesting mix of books, too! I want to read ALL of them!!!! (I can't BELIEVE I haven't read "The Time Machine" And your favorite book of the month sounds SO fascinating!! As you know, I love to read nonfiction, too. I just don't feature it on "A Night's Dream of Books", because that blog is dedicated mostly to YA and other fiction genres. I do feature it on my other blog, which, poor thing, is sadly neglected, due to lack of time....

    Thanks for featuring all of these GREAT books!! I'm bookmarking this page!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 : ) : ) : )

  5. I only read three books this month but my fave was The Controversial Princess by Jodi Ellen Malpas. I really need to read the Artemis Fowl books as I know its one of your fave series!

  6. It must have been a really hard month for you :( I hope September is better for you life wise. Also, last year I read so many ebooks that I had to switch to reading more physical this year which I have managed to do! I am glad you loved the AG Howard book and also Ursla Le Guin. Although I am sorry to hear you didn't like When Dimple Met Rishi! That one is on my TBR.

  7. I listened to the audiobook of When Dimple Met Rishi and the male narrator did the weirdest voices for the female characters. It was really odd and made me cringe. So that was a huge part of why I didn't like it. But I also wasn't completely into the story. =/ Maybe you'll like it more, though!

  8. The AF books are so fun and light to read. :D

  9. Thank you, Maria! I still feel so sad. I have a new bunny now but I still think a lot about my old one. She was such a sweetie. ♥

    I don't think I could live in Miami. Although it doesn't get nearly as hot as in Belgium (this summer was extremely hot though here.) Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons. I'm always looking forward to when I can finally wear my winter beats, coat, scarf etc. Bring on the snow!

    I think you would like What Your Soul Already Knows. I can't imagine anyone disliking it actually. It was amazing! :D

  10. I think it made it all worse because I wasn't at home when she died, my dad took care of her while I was gone. I still feel a little guilty about it. :(

  11. Oh my friend has been wanting me to read How to Hang a Witch for a while now. I also have Demon Race and can't wait to dive into it myself :)


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