Sunday, July 1, 2018

New Releases — July 2018

This is a bookish feature where every month I will spotlight new releases that I'm excited to read. ♥

Hello and happy July, everyone! 
Here are some upcoming releases that I can't wait to read. But the ones I'm most excited about are Spinning Silver, because I absolutely loved Uprooted and Bright We Burn because it's the last book of the trilogy and I loved the two previous books. It's my favorite Kiersten White series.

July 3, 2018 — The King's Witch by Tracy Borman {Historical Fiction}
July 10, 2018 — The Romanov Empress: A Novel of Tsarina Maria Feodorovna by C.W. Gortner {Historical Fiction}

July 10, 2018 — Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik {Fantasy/Retellings}
July 10, 2018 — Bright We Burn by Kiersten White {YA, Historical Fiction}

July 13, 2018 — The Antique Dealer's Daughter by Lorna Gray {Historical Fiction}
July 18, 2018 — The Factory Girls of Lark Lane by Pam Howes {Historical Fiction}

July 31, 2018 — Sea Witch by Sarah Henning {YA, Fantasy, Retellings}
July 31, 2018 — The Botanist's Daughter by Kayte Nunn {Historical Fiction}

What new releases are you looking forward to this month? 


  1. Spinning Silver is definitely on my TBR and I LOVED Bright We Burn and Sea Witch! Thanks for sharing :D

  2. So many pretty covers! The Botanist's Daughter sounds really good and that's new to me! Happy reading!

  3. I'm currently reading Sea Witch but the beginning isn't really hooking me in yet :/ but the cover of Bright We Burn is MAGICAL <3!
    Kariny @ Kariny's Book Frenzy

  4. I'm reading Sea Witch and I really like it! I have an audio of Spinning Silver that I should start eventually.

  5. If Bright We Burn is half as good as the cover, I'll be happy. Hopefully it has a reasonably good ending for the trilogy.

  6. The Botanist's Daughter is probably my favorite cover out of them all, along with Bright We Burn.

  7. I need Spinning Silver and Bright We Burn so badly. *sobs*

  8. Sea Witch sounds amazing! And I need to read the first And I Darken so I'm hoping to binge them all :)

  9. I'm super excited about Spinning Silver as well! Loved Uprooted! I am also looking forward to Bright We Burn and Sea Witch!

  10. The Candid Cover YA book bloggJuly 4, 2018 at 1:46 PM

    I am almost finished reading Sea Witch, and let me tell you how amazing it is!! I hope that you love your July reads. :)

  11. Sea Witches is on my TBR, alongside Spinning Silver! They both sound like they are going to be such brilliant books and are getting so many positive reviews!


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