Thursday, January 18, 2018

Review: King Arthur: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History

Title: King Arthur: A Life From Beginning to End
Author: Hourly History
Publication: September 19th 2017
Genre: Nonfiction, History
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Rating: 4/5

Dating back to the fifth century, the legend of King Arthur, his Queen Guinevere, and the Knights of the Round Table is an integral part of British national mythology. From its beginning as a few lines of Latin text written in a sixth-century monk’s hand, Arthurian legend has blossomed over the years into a unique universe built on the real foundations of Britain’s Dark Ages and the principles of ancient chivalry.

Liberally expanded over the years to include romantic entanglements, an imaginary ancient empire, and the threat of the supernatural, the legend of King Arthur remains as engaging today as it was in medieval times. King Arthur’s life, whether it happened or not, cuts to the core of the Matter of Britain and reveals the heart of Britain’s fanciful idea of its origin.

I actually really liked this short book about King Arthur and where his myth came from. It doesn't go into deep about it all but it's only 37 pages so it's to be expected. 

The story of king Arthur and the knights of the round table has been a favorite of mine for ages so I really liked learning more about where it supposedly all started, which is around the time that the Romans left Great Britain and the remaining people needed a hero. 

The book also goes into the different stories that surround the legend of Arthur and maybe it's just me but I couldn't help but notice how some of these stories, though not all of them, were very similar to some Greek myths that we all know very well. For example, I couldn't help but draw parallels between King Arthur and Hercules. It was striking actually.

For a free book, King Arthus: A Life From Beginning to End was a pretty good one. It was a really quick read as all Hourly History books are since they can be read in way less than an hour and can be read in one sitting even. 

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  1. Did not know about these Hourly History books. Will have to check them out. They sound like a really good source of quick info.

  2. Oh, this sounds interesting! Very cool to see the origin of the myths. I wish it was a bit longer, though!

  3. Yay for a freebie working so well :D


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