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Blog Tour: Loveweaver by Tracy Ann Miller ~ Author Interview

Welcome to the blog tour of Loveweaver by Tracy Ann Miller, hosted by Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. I read Loveweaver last year and it's still one of my favorite historical romances. Today I have an interview with the author. If you want to read my review of the book click here

Interview with Tracy Ann Miller

1. Hi Tracy! I'm so glad I get to interview you for this tour. You know I loved Loveweaver but for those who are not familiar with your book yet, could you tell a little bit about it?

Hi Stephanie! I'm thrilled to have this interview with you! When researching the Viking era for my first book, The Maiden Seer, I discovered that women of the time used to sing blessings and prayers as they wove at their looms. Their weavings would then be imbued with  those messages. This seemed the perfect skill for my heroine, Llyrica, to have, especially since she uses it to influence the hero, Slayde. She weaves a love spell into the decorative braid that adorns his tunic. Fate then seems to conspire to keep them together even as they're at cross-purposes.  

2. What three books would you recommend to any reader?

My writing is highly influenced by Juliana Garnett, so my number one would be The Baron. But, as for non-romance, I've recently read Song of Way: story of Troy, and State of Wonder and loved them both.  In addition - all of the last six Phillipa Gregory books! 

3. Which character from Loveweaver have you enjoyed writing the most?

As female writers our heroine should be our favorite to write. But in Loveweaver I enjoyed writing my hero the most.  Slayde is so conflicted with living up to who he is supposed to be, a macho male (which he totally is!) and the gentler side of himself that he is literally split in two emotionally. Only when he sleeps and awakens as the sleepwalker can he express what he can't by day. The concept of him wooing Llyrica while he's sleepwalking really intrigued me.

4. If you could travel back in time would you travel to the era of the vikings or somewhere different, if so where?

I can't think of a time in the past when I would want to have lived. Even "simpler times" had their problems. 

5. What's next for you? Are you working on a new book? I'm dying to know. ;)

I'm working on a science fiction. My heroine is involved with two men on opposite sides of the law as they all deal with illegal imports from other planets. The fact that my heroine is an illegal import herself, and hiding it, makes things very messy. 

6. If you could jump into any book and live in it. Which book would it be?

I'm currently readying The Unsettlers: In Search of the Good Life in Today's America. There's one couple in this book who live completely off the grid and I'd love to see what that's like. For a month. :)

7. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

This is embarrassing, but I created 4 covers for Loveweaver. The current cover is here to stay!

by Tracy Ann Miller

Publication Date: June 30, 2017
eBook; ASIN: B01H7M46BC
Genre: Historical Romance

The year is 895. Slayde’s job as an top military leader of Kent is to rid England of the last of the Viking raiders. But Llyrica is no ordinary Viking. She’s a beauty with a mysterious past … and a talent for weaving song spells. Even as Slayde saves her from drowning, he knows Llyrica will be a dangerous distraction.
Llyrica is now a stranger in a strange land on a mission to fulfill a deathbed promise. But she must also find her missing brother. This man, Slayde, known as The StoneHeart in his country, seems determined to block her at every turn. And yet she can’t help but be drawn to the affectionate, loving side of him that awakens when he sleeps – The sleepwalker.
Unknown to both Llyrica and Slayde, each will use the other to accomplish their quests. Both will also fall under the song spell that she wove into the braid of his tunic.
Will her Lovespell ensure a happily ever after for them? Or condemn them to a love that was never meant to be?
When I started reading Loveweaver I never expected it to end up as one of my favorite historical romances ever. It was such a unexpected but amazing surprise. I loved everything about this book! – Bookfever Book Blog
Llyrica is a clever heroine who will have Slayde on her terms. Slayde, determined to resist, has not a prayer. Many secondary characters add to the story, making it a rich tapestry. And some exciting scenes will keep your heart pumping. It’s also intriguing with the spells woven into the cloth by the “songweaver”. Viking lovers will enjoy the match between a Saxon loyal to King Alfred and a Viking maiden from Denmark. – Regan Walker, author of Regency, Georgian and Medieval romances

About the Author

Although Tracy Ann Miller is primarily a graphic designer, (see her work at she has been writing novels for over 20 years.
She was an active member of the National Romance Writers of America with her local chapter, The Virginia Romance Writers. It was there she honed her craft by attending workshops, conferences, and by coordinating The VRW’s Fool for Love Contest.
Before being published, she entered and won numerous writing contests, including The Fool for Love Contest for Loveweaver, and the Between the Sheets best love scene contest for The Maiden Seer.
She writes to keep the hero and heroine interacting in story as much as possible (no long separations) and of course they get a spectacular happily ever after.
For more information, please visit Tracy Ann Miller’s blog. You can also find her on FacebookTwitter, and Amazon.

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