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Review: The Maiden Seer by Tracy Ann Miller

Title: The Maiden Seer
Author: Tracy Ann Miller
Publication: October 1st 2016

Genre: Historical Romance
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Rating: 5/5

Amber, known in her homeland of Wessex, England, as the Maiden Seer, seeks refuge from her dark foretelling dreams of war. The rune readings she gives to her followers have also become too much to bear. She hopes to find peace of mind in her new life at the convent. But this can only happen after she first fulfills her blackest dream ... one in which she sees herself killing a man.

Konnar hopes the violent memories of his life as a Viking raider and tragic losses will be quieted when he leaves England forever. This upcoming task will pay for his future and provide for the village who depends on him. But, abducting the Maiden Seer and delivering her to the wealthy client goes wildly awry.

Amber seems to know Konnar's painful secret and claims to foresee a solution. While it enrages him that she negotiates her freedom with this knowledge, Konnar dares believe the prophetess can help him.

He is her captor, but hiding behind his might and violent history, is man in need of forgiveness. It is that vulnerable side of him that she learns to love, as she enlists him on her mission to help the king of England.

The Viking and the Maiden Seer journey throughout England to carry out her prophetic vision. Yet, they struggle with their mutual passion for each other, each unsure of the others true intentions.

But what could it mean, Amber's dark dream that began it all?

I'm still trying to get my thoughts together for this so bear with me if I ramble a bit in this review but oh my gosh, this book was amazing. I read the author's other book Loveweaver back in July. That book already ended up being one of my favorite historical romances of the year so far, but then I read this book, The Maiden Seer, which I loved  more! I had of course hoped to love it as much as Loveweaver but yeah, I then The Maiden Seer turned out to be even better. I couldn't get enough of the book!

This story is about Amber who seeks refuge in a convent from her life as The Maiden Seer because the rune readings she gives people and the prophetic dreams that haunt her become too much to bear. When she gets abducted by Konnar, a Viking, who got hired by Dierk the RavenHair to deliver The Maiden Seer to him. But things definitely go not as planned...

The journey of Amber and Konnar, for both of them, was very intense, I thought, because their relationship was quite complicated. He was her captor plus a viking and meanwhile she, a Saxon, would do anything to stay alive and get back home. And she had promised to find Konnar's lost little sister. They also clearly had trust issues, especially concerning each other. But they couldn't deny the attraction they felt for one another. 

Just like in Loveweaver, the chemistry between these two main characters was off the charts and the banter between them was just so fun to read about because they didn't get along for most of the book. The only time they did get along at first was when they were in bed together. I mean, seriously... at some point I just wanted to jump in this book and tell them to just be nice to each other. But that was why I thought it was so fun.

And let's talk about Dierk the RavenHair, the villain of this story... He was vile. Really, really vile. But that was what made him such a great villain, you know. The author definitely has a knack for making me hate her villains and yet I was always wondering and interested in what his next move would be. 

The story had also a bunch of great secondary characters. Like the Five (meaning five of Konnar's men). I loved the Five. I loved their loyalty to Konnar and their admiration of Amber and how they were fascinated by her Christian stories. I adored them all. And I also loved Adonia, she was super cute!

So this review turned out way longer than I had planned it to be but I just had so much love for this book. I can't decide what was better in this book. The writing, the characters, the relationship between Amber and Konnar, the steamy romance scenes or the story in general? Obviously all of these things put together made it one hell of a story. The Maiden Seer by Tracy Ann Miller is now my favorite historical romance of this year. 

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Although Tracy Ann Miller is primarily a graphic designer, (see her work at tracymillerdesigns.com) she has been writing novels for over 20 years.

She was an active member of the National Romance Writers of America with her local chapter, The Virginia Romance Writers. It was there she honed her craft by attending workshops, conferences, and by coordinating The VRW's Fool for Love Contest. But most of all, she learned to write by sitting at the computer and sticking with it.

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