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Review: Adam by James Bushill

Title: Adam
Author: James Bushill
Publication: March 11th 2016

Genre: Science Fiction
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Rating: 4/5

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2101. The asteroid Metis. A runner jogs along a silent tunnel, tracked by a pool of light. Then there’s a noise, a low rumble, and in the distance, another light, which becomes two headlights moving fast, the lights of an enormous mining truck. Its cab is completely empty.

Ten years earlier, Victor and his wife created Adam, the world’s first biological supercomputer. They dreamed of changing the world.

Now, Victor sleeps alone in a hospital corridor in the pollution-shrouded city of Missoula, Montana, his dreams in tatters.

He doesn’t think his life could get any worse.

But then he’s forced to return to Metis.

And when that mission becomes a desperate fight for survival amid the dark tunnels of the abandoned mine, he must finally confront the terrifying consequences of his past actions.

This was such a great read! I've come to really love the science fiction genre and I must say that Adam by James Bushill is one of my top favorites so far. I really enjoyed it.

This book was inspired by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Now I haven't read that book but I and I think anyone else does know the basics of it and I loved how those elements were woven together with the sci-fi part. 

I'm actually a big fan of books that deal with artificial intelligence. Mostly because the artificial intelligence (Adam in this book) always goes rogue. And the thing is with this book I can't blame Adam for doing what he did because he's not just a super computer since he's made from human cells (Victor's cells actually) so he's basically real but obviously has access to all things tech.

I also loved all the characters. Though, if I were you, I wouldn't get attached to any of them. But yeah, I thought this book had a great set of characters. They basically had to run and fight for their lives against Adam, which trust me, wasn't easy. So it was all very action-packed. I loved that.

I also think this would make one hell of a sci-fi movie. I know I would totally love seeing it on screen. I also liked the writing a lot and the dialogue between the characters. It really was some top-notch science fiction and the end was genius!

       About the Author:

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James was born in Windsor, England. After he left school, he studied film at a college in London, before transferring to Byron Bay for the final year of his degree. Once there, he fell in love, first with Australia, then with his future wife, and ended up staying for good.

For the next few years, he dabbled in screenwriting, taking a course through UCLA and dreaming of Hollywood. But after finishing two screenplays, he realized that he’d rather write a book. “Adam” is that book.

When he’s not writing (or procrastinating), James works as a ferry deckhand in Brisbane, Queensland, where he lives with his long-suffering wife and their two cats, Molly and Huckleberry.

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