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Review: Egyptian Mythology by Stephan Weaver

Title: Egyptian Mythology
Author: Stephan Weaver
Publication: July 10th 2015

Genre: Nonfiction ~ History
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 4/5

This review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


△ Egyptian Mythology △
Gods, Pharaohs and Book of the Dead
From at least 4000 BCE to the death of Cleopatra VII in 30 CE, Egyptian Mythology was the foundation of ancient Egyptian culture. Spanning over large dominions as distant as the Roman Empire and the Greco-Roman realm, Egyptian mythology was a prevailing entity. Goddesses like Isis were worshiped not only by the natives of Egypt but also those of England and Afghanistan.

Inside you will learn about…
✓ Gods and Goddesses
✓ Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
✓ Book of the Dead
✓ Rituals and Sacrifices
✓ Ten Little Known Facts about Egyptian Mythology

This eBook tackles each spellbinding facet of the mythology, discussing the Gods and goddesses, the Pharaohs—including Tutankhamen and the last Ptolemaic ruler Cleopatra VII— the mysterious “Book of the Dead” and the rituals and sacrifices made to the gods.

You will marvel at the fascinating things you learn about the Egyptian Mythology: mummification, the theory ancient Egyptians had about the cosmos and the creations. This eBook will serve as a great insight into one of history’s most fascinating relics.

This is my third book by Stephan Weaver and I'm still love reading this nonfiction. This one was more about the mythology of the gods, pharaohs and Book of the Dead. All these things have always hugely intrigued me. And as always I love reading and learning more.

This book features all the main gods and goddesses with their stories told in short. I also really enjoyed reading about the pharaohs, especially Tutankhamun. Reading about the Book of the Dead has also always been something that I've loved. I also liked the quotes added from Zahi Hawass.

Just like the other books I've read by Stephan Weaver, I thought the writing with this book was excellent and specific. I  enjoy reading these books so much and they read very fast. I really can't enough.

Rich with fascinating information and details about ancient Egyptian life and mythology, Egyptian Mythology: Gods, Pharaohs and Book of the Dead of Egyptian Mythology by Stephan Weaver was another engaging read that I would highly recommend.

       About the Author:

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Dedicated to the craft of writing, Stephan Weaver is a best-selling author who loves to pen anything related to history and mythology. With a love for immersing himself into other cultures, worlds, and even realms, Weaver is a former professor, historian, and archaeologist. It's no surprise that you can now find him tucked away with his laptop writing about these very things with commitment and devotion. Married to a beautiful wife and father to a son and daughter, Weaver loves to spend his free time with family, experience the world by traveling, and, of course, you'll never find him without a pen in hand. From the blinking cursor to the final page, he is deeply passionate about what he does. And it shows.

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