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Review: Seti's Charm: A Max Carter Adventure by Chris Everheart

Title: Seti's Charm
Author: Chris Everheart
Series: A Max Carter Adventure #1
Publication: September 26th 2014 by Yellow Rocket Media

Genre: Middle Grade ~ Adventure ~ Mystery
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Rating: 4/5

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

Fourteen-year-old Max Carter has grown up in his grandfather's museum, training to be the world's youngest archaeologist. When the museum is robbed and burned by greedy smugglers, Grandpa begs Max to return their prized possession to Egypt and break the curse that caused this disaster. But Seti's Charm--a priceless funeral amulet from the mummy of Pharaoh Seti I-- is in the hands of murderous thugs.

While Grandpa lies in a hospital bed and Max's wicked step-grandmother schemes to turn their life upside down, Max enlists the help of a giant Frenchman with a shady past. Together, they chase Seti's Charm to a tropical island where Max braves shark-infested waters, machine gun fire, explosions, capture, and torture to learn the shocking true reason that Seti's Charm was stolen. But will he get the legendary object back and return it to its rightful owners in time to save Grandpa and the only life he's ever known?

After reading several pretty heavy books in a row, I was in the mood for something more light and easy to read. This is where Seti's Charm came in. It was the perfect book for what I wanted + everything connected to ancient Egypt is a huge bonus for me.

Max was a very likable character. I'm sure he's going to appeal to a lot of readers, no matter their age. I loved his courage and how he basically did everything he could to help his grandfather. This includes going inside burning buildings, facing down people with guns, and even facing his hateful step-grandmother. 

The story involved a lot of interesting characters (coughRenaultcough) that I hope to see again in the next book(s), if there will be any sequels. They were all quite interesting and just fun to read about. 

Miriam (the step-grandmother) however was the worst. I loathed her with a passion and I had hoped at the end of the book she'd be somehow gone, but no such luck. I just felt so bad for Max because Miriam has been treating him so badly. But other than that, I really enjoy this book.

The Egypt element was a bit on the minor side, although Seti's amulet did set things in motion for the story. I loved the mystery surrounding it and also the writing was pretty good. 

Fast-paced, mysterious and full of action, Seti's Charm is a prime examble why I love middle grade books so much. I'm already looking forward to Max Carter's next adventure!

About the Author:

Chris Everheart is an award-winning author of more than twenty books and short stories for middle-graders, young adults, and adults and an award-winning filmmaker. A lifelong reluctant reader, TV junkie, and movie lover, Chris infuses the pacing and thrills of visual storytelling into all his stories. When not writing he can be found hiking in the mountains near home, watching television, or learning about history, science, and archeology. He's a Minnesota native living in East Tennessee with his family.

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