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Guest Post by J.P. Brewner ~ Character Interview with Michael Fleming and Mr. Mental

Today I have a guest post by author, J.P. Brewner for you all - 
Interviews with his characters, Michael Fleming and Mr. Mental
Enjoy! =D

The following is a televised interview between lead anchor of World News Broadcasters and Michael Fleming, the main character of The Trifecta: Initiation.

Welcome Michael, let's start off with an easy question. Where are you originally from?

Michael: I was born in the United States, but at the age of eight, my parents moved my brother and me to Africa. I spent the next seven years living in a small village while learning about life from the native people. That's when the Trifecta recruited me to train in their city.

When did you first discover you had supernatural powers?

Michael: After we moved to Africa, both my brother and I noticed that our strength and speed were growing, but my powers didn't really develop until I moved to Hero City. The professors here taught me how to unlock my imagination, which only unleashed more and more power during my first year of training. And the best part is, I'm not done yet.

What is your favorite power?

Michael: That is a tough one. I'd have to say flight. I like the whole super strength thing and hyper speed is great, but nothing compares to being able to whiz through the air like a fighter jet. When I'm up in the air, I just feel––free.

Many people have noticed you hanging close to Molly a.k.a. Blue Moon. What exactly is your relationship?

Michael: (Face turns red) Ummmm, we're just friends. That's all. I mean, could there be something more? Maybe. Why? Did she say something to you? (Breathing growing more rapid).

No, no. Our audience was just curious. We can change the subject. We don't want you getting all flustered. We'd also like to know a bit more about your roommate Archer. We hear he is quite the character. What three words would best describe him?

Michael: Hyper, loud, and obnoxious. (Smirks as he finishes this answer)

Really? I guess that shouldn't be too shocking since his father was quite the loudmouth too.

So tell us, what is your favorite class in the Trifecta organization?

Michael: I would have to say Air and Water class. Although I'm not a huge fan of the water training aspect, I really like learning how to utilize my flight power. Plus Professor Hawk is really cool. He remembers and understands what it's like to be a teenager in the Trifecta.

Lastly, why should the Earth's people put their faith in you?

Michael: I'm not saying that they should. I know that everyone thinks I am destined to save the world, but that notion may be premature. All I know is that I will work hard every day to protect as many people as I can.

Well thank you for your time. We know that you are busy and need to get back to Hero City, so we will end by rolling this video that the Trifecta has started playing on holographic projectors all over the world:

Now that we’ve interviewed Michael Fleming, we also have the pleasure of meeting with his newest enemy and one of the leaders of the Four Faces of Evil, Mr. Mental, who also happens to be the second main character in The Trifecta: Resurrection.

So Mr. Mental, why did you choose to join the Four Faces of Evil?

Mr. M: (Sigh) First of all, that is not our name. We are called The Four Faces. The Evil part was concocted as a part of the Trifecta's propaganda. Just one of their many attempts to defame us. 

And that is actually the main reason why I joined to fight against them. They have blinded this world to their tyranny, which gives them free reign to do whatever they want. Someone has to stand up to them. Our organization is the only one equipped to do that. This is why I joined.

(Rolling eyes) So then can you tell us, what is the mission of The Four Faces of Evil––I mean the Four Faces.

Mr. M: (Responding with glowing, yellow eyes) We have one mission––to return control to the people of Earth. We want them to regain the autonomy that the Trifecta stole from them. 

What is your greatest strength?

Mr. M: (Pointing to his forehead) Many people think that my power to control and command thousands of minds is what makes me so formidable, but in actuality, my superior intellect is my greatest power. I can foresee the outcome of any scenario, and thus I am able to prepare for virtually any obstacle that I might encounter. 

(Eyes widening with an insincere smile) Yikes, well I guess humility isn't one of your strengths. We hear that Sharp Shot is your new protege. What word would best describe her?

Mr. M: Ruthless.

What would you and your organization do if you defeated the Trifecta's Elders?

Mr. M: (Big smirk in both cheeks) My dear, none of your other questions matter. You see, while I've been answering your trivial inquiries, your broadcast has given me access to the minds of billions of humans across the globe. They are now under my control, as are you. 

Interview over. Now my new minions, watch this clip to better understand your new Lord and Master:

About the book:

The Trifecta: Initiation by 

WARNING: "This is not a hero's story." In the wake of a devastating explosion, the world has crumbled to the criminals of society. Now the Trifecta, a powerful organization, fights to regain peace and prosperity across the world. Their leader recruits Michael Fleming, a 15 year old boy who has spectacular abilities. Shortly after arriving in The Trifecta's city, Michael discovers he must uncover a traitor who has already killed dozens of their best operatives. While forming new friendships, Michael struggles to develop his powers and find his own path during his first year of training. But he can't shake the feeling that his new allies are hiding something from him while an ominous force watches from the shadows, influencing every move he makes.

About the Author:

J.P. Brewner's full name is Jordan Patrick Brewner. He is a new author, who primarily writes novels in the young adult science fiction genre. After growing up in St. Charles, Illinois, he attended Augustana College to obtain a degree in teaching and English. 

From a young age, J.P.’s parents encouraged him to explore his vast imagination, and after beginning his teaching career, he started writing his first book. Currently, he teaches English in Geneva, Illinois, while he continues working on the second book in his Trifecta series. 

Since he was a child, J.P. has showed interest in sports, including running, baseball, and basketball. His students would classify him as unusual due to his relentless singing and an odd enthusiasm for wearing suits. He brings much of his strange style and humor into his writing, which is evident in his first book The Trifecta: Initiation.

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