Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Crimson Crimes Tour: Guest Post by Patricia K McCarthy

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Hi everyone! 
I'm part of the awesome The Crimson Crimes tour and for my stop I have a interestng guest postfrom the author, Patricia K McCarthy!
Enjoy! :D

What do you think the "next big thing" in paranormal fiction will be? 

I could be off, but the market is ready for dirty-talking vampire erotica to become all the rage. Erotica and vampires blend beautifully together. Humans are horny creatures. We want to be lusted for, as much as we want to watch others fall in lust. We especially want to invest our emotions in a story that features humans behaving like animals. To be desired is a basic human need. Readers crave the extraordinary; they want stimulation and graphic writing is just the wild vixen to get the job done. Erotica is a like a character in a story, only more rude, more outrageous, more lusty and definitely more driven. You can ramp up the pitch to a feverish level with vampire erotica. A strong lead is essential. Plus, vampire erotica is perfect for devising plots that incorporate speculative elements like visiting the future or the past. Vampire erotica has no limitations and more readers are discovering its appeal. After all, vampires are sex; they take what they want, when they want with no regard for consequences. By contrast, paranormal romance offers a mash-up of vampires; this includes mixing vampires with wolves (Twilight), vampires with fairies (True Blood), and vampires with witches (The Vampire Diaries). Paranormal romance ensures a ‘happy-ever-after’ ending. Vampire erotica, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily guarantee that all will come out well in the end, especially if there is a thriller element. But vampire erotica guarantees that sex will be on your mind. My Crimson series is dialogue-driven for a reason; my characters talk dirty to their readers; I’ve taught them well. Wasting multiple chapters by frolicking in metaphor-land seems to be the norm with Canadian literature and it’s frankly self-indulgent and predictable. Some have described the erotica in my novels as shocking and I say in return, “Revel in lust! When we lust, we feel alive. When we lust, we give into our passions. When we lust, we connect with our inner-kinky. Embrace it!

About the book:
It’s the dead of night in the dead of winter, and bodies have been found, stacked ceiling-high, in a hillside cave in Ottawa’s Strathcona Park; necks pierced, blood drained – the usual. The city is gripped by a dusk-till-dawn curfew. The press, police and public have whipped each other into a glorious panic over someone or something called the “Vampire Undertaker.” Well, when did a silly curfew ever shut down the kitchen party at the Crimson house? Bring beer, bring smokes, but please bring yourself to meet The Vampires (there are at least four of them) and their quirky human pals. We can take turns feeding the baby vampire, stalling the cops when they come knocking, and tripping out on that time-dream machine up in the bedroom. You’ve got to love people who know how to make their own fun! You’ll never know where Patricia K McCarthy’s “Crimson” stories will take you or guess what’s going to happen next, not that you’ll be complaining! Oh, and of course this novel is well-seasoned with smutty bits – every good plot deserves pepper.

About the author:
Patricia K. McCarthy lives and writes in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Her Crimson vampires series has received extensive media coverage in national and local newspapers, as well as on radio and television. For details, visit her website.

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  1. I. Heart. Vampires. That is all.

  2. The vampires of the Black Dagger Brotherhood are my faves! LOVE them!

    1. I know. :D I love them too. So much! ♥


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