Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blog Tour: Moonlight Mayhem ~ Guest Post & Giveaway ~ #MMBlogTour

This giveaway is open internationally! So let’s tell the blogging world!
Hi everyone, I’m Sherry Soule—waving from Castro Valley, California, where it gets pretty foggy even in the summer. And even with the fog burning off by afternoon, I’m chilling on my laptop and chatting on Twitter about my favorite books and movies.
Thank you for letting me hang out today as part of my epic Moonlight Mayhem Blog Tour this summer. It’s a thrill to get to be a guest and meet all these awesome booklovers.
My tour has been so much fun and it is nice seeing the familiar names in the comment section of each guest post. For those of you who haven’t heard about my blog tour it’s not too late to join the fun!

To celebrate the release of author, Sherry Soule’s new paranormal novel, MOONLIGHT MAYHEM, take this super fun quiz to see which character BEST suits YOU and score a Kindle or Nook version of the first book in this unforgettable YA series, BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN! 

Would you be better friends with Shiloh or Ariana?

Are you a quirky, romantic witch with magickal powers?
Or a snarky and outgoing blond with lots of vitality?

Well, they both love to read, have their own sense of style, and have big dreams for the future—but while they share those things, Shiloh’s tall, and Ariana’s not. Ariana’s got major curves and Shiloh’s super skinny. Ariana hearts Christina Aguilera and Shiloh’s all about the Foo Fighters. 

Take this quiz and be sure to check the bottom of the post for the details regarding this random giveaway. 

1.     You have $50 to spend. Where do you go?

a.      Steve Madden. A girl can never have too many shoes!
b.      Everyday Magick. Stock up on snake blood and eye-of-newt.
c.      Duh! Abercrombie & Fitch 
d.      Hot Topic, of course!

2.    It is dinnertime. What are you in the mood for?

a.      Chinese takeout.
b.      Salad and iced tea—please 
c.      Fruit and diet soda
d.      BBQ Chicken Pizza. Yum!

3.    The fog in Whispering Pines is extra thick. What keeps you warm?

a.      Bolero jacket with Lucky jeans and Uggs.
b.      Hoodie with my skinny jeans and Doc Martens
c.      The fires of hell—so toasty!
d.      Denim jacket with my black pants and low-top Converse

4.    What is your dream destination?

a.      Hawaii. Warm and tropical. Plus hot guys.
b.      New York. Architecture and culture
c.      Underworld. One way ticket—please!
d.      Paris. The city of romance!

5.    What’s your favorite footwear?

a.      Flip-flops.
b.      Doc Martens
c.      Hoofs 
d.      Converse.

6.   Favorite supernatural hunk?

a.     Dean Winchester—heavy sigh!
b.     Stefan Salvatore—so romantic! 
c.     Tyler Lockwood—furry and supercute!
d.     Edward Cullen—bite me!

7.    What’s your favorite TV show?

a.      Pretty Little Liars
b.      The Secret Circle
c.      The Lying Game
d.      The Vampire Dairies

8.    Favorite book?

a.      “Descended by Blood” by Angeline Kace
b.      “Revealers” by Amanda Marrone
c.      “Strange Angels” by Lili St. Crow
d.      “Shiver” by Maggie Stiefvater

9.   What’s your dream job?

a.      Hairstylist
b.      Architect
c.      Ghost Hunter
d.      Personal Shopper

10. What supernatural pet would you like to own?

a.      Phoenix (exotic bird)
b.      Siamese cat (familiar)
c.      Hell Hound
d.      Werewolf

11.  Favorite movie?

a.      Gone With the Wind—I like to channel my inner Scarlett.
b.      The Craft—awesome witch movie!
c.      Insidious—haunted houses are uber scary!
d.     Ginger Snaps—werewolves are wicked cool.

12.  What is the best season?

a.      Spring. Warmer weather and flowers.
b.      Fall. Halloween!
c.      Winter. It gets dark early…
d.      Summer. Yay! No school

13.  What is your favorite color?

a.      Metallic blue. Duh
b.      Fuchsia. I can be a feminist girly-girl and like pink!
c.      Red, the color of blood.
d.      Silver, it’s sparkly and magical.

If you answered...

Mostly a's: You and Ariana need to hang at the mall! 
Mostly b's:  Shiloh has a haunted house to cleanse—you free tonight? Follow her supernatural adventures on Twitter: @SpellboundGirl
Mostly c's: Beware—the creatures of the underworld are watching you!
Mostly d's: Ariana and Shiloh are your new BFFs!


Otherworldly Creatures. Dazzling Magic. Fiery Romance.
Shiloh Ravenwolf thought she was getting used to the strange events in Whispering Pines, until the full moon brings another surge of supernatural threats to her coastal town. Ferocious wolves, deadly necromancers, and shambling zombies have descended upon the neighborhood, so Shiloh needs to gain control of her magical abilities—fast! 
It sucks that she has a crippling fear of the dark, which for a demon hunter can be an epic problem.
When her classmates are attacked by a mysterious creature and her father is murdered, Shiloh vows vengeance. Forcing her phobias aside, she forms an unlikely coven of supernaturally gifted teens to help her eradicate this menace. Except that's not all Shiloh has to worry about. She’s battling a different monster within herself and struggling not to become the very thing she fights: evil. 
But with demon blood inside her—anything can happen…

Moonlight Mayhem is the second novel in the unforgettably epic Spellbound series
By Sherry Soule

Places you can cyberstalk Sherry Soule:
Official Website:
Official Blog:
Official Spellbound Series Universe:
Twitter @WriterSherry:

Random winner will be picked on the 28st of July and be posted at the top of this quiz, please check back on that day to find out if you’re the lucky winner.

Giveaway details for a Kindle or Nook of BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN:
1.) You must comment with your quiz results
2.) Be a follower of the Spellbound Series Universe Blog
3.) Be a follower of this blog
4.) Follow us both on Twitter - @WriterSherry & @Stephiii91
5.) Tweet about this giveaway and include link in the comment
Good luck!

~ I hope to get lots of entries here because this giveaway is really fun! I wanted to thank Sherry again for giving me the chance to post this on my blog. Even though I'm hosting this post and giveaway on my blog I also did the quiz and the most answers were:
Both A's & D's, so Ariana and Shiloh are my new BFFs. Yay! :D

- Stephanie


  1. I got mostly D's :P So Ariana and Shiloh are my new BFF's.

    1-5 done.

    Twitter link:

    1. Me too. As you know. :D Thanks for entering and good luck! You'll need it. xD

  2. I got mostly D's...
    I have done 1-5
    Follow Both on GFC/ ronnkelly3
    Twitter/ ronnkelly03

  3. 1. My quiz results say I should hang at the mall with Ariana. :P
    2. & 3. I follow both blogs via GFC as Jennifer.
    4. I follow both on Twitter as @Bookworm320.
    5. My tweet link:

    That was a fun quiz and thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. 1. My quiz results were 'Mostly d's: Ariana and Shiloh are your new BFFs!'
    2 & 3. I follow both blogs with GFC name *Christina.
    4. I'm following both on Twitter as @DreamyObsession
    5. Tweet;

    This was one of the funest giveaways I've entered! Thank you!

  5. 1) I got mostly B's.

    2 & 3) I follow both blogs with my e-mail lilypadzandfrogs(at)gmail(dot)com and GFC name S.A.

    4) I follow both of you on Twitter. My name is Froglovingal.

    5) Here's my tweet:

  6. Thanks so much for the giveaway and this exercise! I had so much fun doing this, so here's my commentary with results:

    1. Fifty bucks is not going to go far at Steve Madden and A&F unless I'm buying flip flops or socks. Humm, so if I had to choose between a magic trick possibly going wrong or something tangible, I'll say, "Hot Topic, here I come."

    2. I'll only have "A" on date night. B & C sounds like torture. You did say dinner right? Extra BBQ sauce please!

    3. Come on American Eagle hoodie, Delia*s color jeans, with the Doc Martins. *Strike a pose* Don't I look hot? (Don't break your neck!)

    4.It's either New York or Paris! And if I had to choose between those, I'll say Paris, and be sure to hit up Euro Disney while I'm there.....helllo Mickey!

    5. Hoofs sound exotic. I wonder if they come in my size. *lol*

    6. Team Edward. Neck marks the spot! Take me Mr. Cullen...I'm yours.

    7. I haven't seen The Secret Circle or The Lying Game. I've read The Vampire Diaries and seen a few episolds,and loved it!

    8. Oh geez, I have read any of these, but I have A & D in my TBR pile. I'm more excited about “Shiver” by Maggie Stiefvater.

    9. Personal Shopper! It's the next best thing to a fashion designer.

    10. Siamese cat (familiar). I'm a feline girl!

    11.Gone With the Wind! I still quote the line where he says, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Classic.

    12. Fall....I like to wear layers. Besides who didn't like the excuse to dress up like a fairy?

    13. It's purple, but that's not on the list. So I'll have to choose Siver.


    I've got mostly d's: Ariana and Shiloh are my new BFFs!


    Follower(both blogs): Katrina @ Kindred Dreamheart
    Twitter(both accounts): @studiokd3

    1. I love the commentary! Especially #6! :D Thanks for entering. Good luck!

    2. Loved the commentary, too! Glad you had so much fun taking the quiz. Best of luck!

  7. What a fun, wonderful idea!! I am so happy for you. Best of luck!

    May romance and mystery grace your day!


  8. Thanks for having me as a guest today. I hope everyone enjoys this fun quiz and they are interested in reading the enthralling Spellbound series.

    Happy Reading,

    Spellbound Series Universe

    1. Thank you for asking me! It's really fun. :]

  9. My result was most d's :)
    Mostly d's: Ariana and Shiloh are your new BFFs!

    I'm following both sites on GFC :D
    And following you both on twitter under the user @samhain4000

    And tweet

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