Friday, March 30, 2012

Quote of the Week #2

My Quote of the Week is a weekly memes hosted by Paranormal Book Fan where you can feature your favorite quotes.

My quote of this week comes from:

Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey



~ Tucking my nose into a book makes me completely oblivious to my surroundings. I would have made a terrible spy in the army--the first person to hand me a novel would have been able to shoot my head clean off without me noticing. ~


  1. I so love this quote <3 It reminds me of me when I have a great book in my hands :P :) The moment is so priceless :)

    1. I noticed that a lot of girls in Alyxandra Harvey's books love reading, just like Alyxandra herself.

  2. Thats totally how I am when I read I get so into it that I don't even notice if anyone comes in to the room and I get the crapped scared out of me.I haven't read her yet but I have heard good things :)


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