Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blogger Interview with Christina from Booksane

Today I have a blogger interview that I did with Christina from Booksane! (you might know her from our co-review of Bound by Flames.)

This interview has been a loooong time coming but we finally got to doing one. 

Name: Christina
Blog Name: Booksane
Age: 22 (23 soon)
Location: Denmark
Blogging since: 02/01/2012
Favorite Color: Purple

The interview

1. How would you describe Booksane in one sentence?
Just a girl having an outlet for her fangirl moments.

2. Which author (dead or alive) would you love to meet, if possible?
Aw man only one?... uhhh. As you said, Jeaniene Frost. Love her books and yeah gotta explain how awesome that Ian book could be and that it’s very much needed. Maybe a little story with only Bones and Vlad bickering that could be fun, too.

3. What do you like most about reviewing books?
Getting all my thoughts and feelings about a book out. Telling others how amazing this or that book is and just gushing about it or if I didn’t like a book I can still write about why this one didn’t speak to me. People in my life really don’t get the whole book thing so it’s great to have a place to get it out.

4. What upcoming 2015 release are you most excited for?
So far, it gotta be Deep by Kylie Scott. Feel like I’ve been waiting forever for it and it’s even more nerve wracking since it’s the last one so can’t wait to see what will happen. Comes out on my birthday so it’ll be one awesome birthday present I’ll gift myself.

5. Favorite book blogging moment?
Well I always love and go all fangirl if an author comments on something, but recently I really enjoyed our co-review of Bound by Flames, thought that was a lot of fun. Hopefully there’s gonna be a lot more good moments in the future.

6. If you could jump into any book and live in that world, which book would it be?
Okay, so I can right away cross off all the Dystopian books. While they’re awesome, don’t think I’d survive long to be honest, haha. Think I’ll go with Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. First of all, Victorian London and second Shadowhunters. Wouldn’t mind running into Will, Jem or Tessa and even Magnus.

7. Recommend three books
I’m gonna go with three different ones instead of the usual favorite as The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments. So here’s three worth a read.
A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – Friend got me to read this and really loved it. Witch a Vampire in love which is something I haven’t read before and gotta appreciate all the historical accuracy.
Next, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – a truly beautiful book.
Last one, Waterfell by Amalie Howard – Mermaid book with a twist. Surprised me actually.

Lightning round:

Vampires or Werewolves? Think I have to go with Werewolves (Geoff you know)
Love Triangle or Insta-Love? Hmm, gotta love drama so Love Triangle.
Beautiful Writing or Excellent Plot? Beautiful writing.
Hobbit or Elf? One name: Legolas (That = Elf)
Late Night Reading or Daytime Reading? Late Night for sure.

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