Friday, July 3, 2015

Friends Book Tag

I found this awesome book tag on Novel Ink so decided to do this one also because I'm such a huge Friends fan!
I'm not tagging anyone so feel free to do it also.

Character You Wish Would Go Away

Jo...  I just can't stand the woman. Seriously, Jo, go away!

Most Painful Breakup

There were times that Cat and Bones weren't all that sollid and yeah those times were sad when they broke up.

Book With A Lot of Kissing or Favorite Kiss Scene

Juliet. Warner. Chapter 62 

Your Favorite ‘End of Series’ Book

As far as series ends go, this one was one of the best! Although it was very very sad.

A Moment In a Book that You Wish You Could Forget or Never Happened

I never have cried as hard as when one of my favorite characters died in this book. It was just so unfair. *sobs*

A Book That Didn’t Affect You Emotionally Like It Did Other Readers

I did shed a few tears with this book with a certain scene... but aside from that I didn't care for this book as much as I wanted.

A Book You Won’t Share

Any of my Eoin Colfer books because they are my precioussss but especially these two because they're my favorites.

A Recent Book That You Would Give Two Thumbs Up To

I don't read a lot of science-fiction but this was so awesome. Though that's not very surprising since it's Michelle Diener. I like all her books!

Book Pet Peeve or A Book that Has a Pet Peeve

When all the girls in the high school ALL act like sluts except the good girl main character.

Favorite Book with a LGBT Couple

Alec and Magnus = <3


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