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Review: Dreams of Reality by Beth Bares

Title: Dreams of Reality
Author: Beth Bares
Series: The Dreams Trilogy #1
Publication: Published March 9th 2012 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Paperback, 384 pages
Cover Rating: 5/5
Content Rating: 3/5
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Elizabeth’s dreams and visions are playing out in reality, and those closest to her know why. Now they are forced into confessing their true identities, giving Elizabeth the shock of her life. She doesn’t know whether to be freaked out or thrilled the magical world she’s dreamed of actually exists.

But when her newest vision displays evil within the most powerful immortal council, fear takes precedent over all other emotions.

Elizabeth is more than ready to embrace her new life, but on her own terms, not those from century old, ego ridden machos.

My thoughts: 
I read Dreams of Reality because the author, Beth Bares asked me to review it and send me a copy of it. I wanna say thank you to her for this wonderful chance and for the patience she had with me because it took me a while to get to it. (So many books, so little time...) But finally I got to reading it and it didn't took me long at all! Only four days and the book was done already. The last day I actually stayed up very late (or should I say early) to finish this book because I wanted to know what was going to happen. I couldn't stop reading those last days.

Dreams of Reality started out with an awesome prologue that made me go... "Yeah! This is something I will love!"
I loved it right away when it was about vampires and immortals. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm in love with vampires and love reading about them. So it was a very good start of book for me.

My favorite aspect of this book was this original world full of immortals, half-breeds and what not. I've never read a book similar to that. So it definitely has a lot of potential to grow to become an amazing world that readers will love and wish, just like the character of Elizabeth, to be a part of.
I loved the characters Well, actually I just loved all the guys. James, Andrew and Anton were so nice to get to know. I especially had a soft spot for Anton for some reason I can't quote figure out. I also really liked Andrew's sister, Claire. She was so much fun. I wish I could be her friend!

However... I wasn't really hooked right away even if I loved the prologue a lot already. I had a hard time connecting to the story and the characters. The POVs change a lot, so sometimes I was a little confused but that soon cleared up once I got more settled with the book's pace. The character I connected with the least was Elizabeth and this is too bad because the story is mostly about her but I did like her. Especially in the end when she got her cool powers and showed those guys not to mess with her or keep secrets. So way to go, Lizzie! 
I also wished I had more background of the characters and more explaining about the awesome powers the immortals and vampires have.

I'm usually not a fan of insta-love but I liked it with Elizabeth and Andrew. They were so sweet together and they love each other so much. Also the romance between Claire and Anton was so cute! I hope James find someone soon too though. He was so sad, all alone.

Dreams of Reality may have its negatives but also a lot of positives, like this amazing world full of immortals and vampires you can get to know and such a sweet romance that makes you sigh out loud and make you crave more! Any paranormal romance addict will be intrigued to bite into this and not let go!

~Favorite Quote~
He'd closed the door to all of his emotions years ago, but now, the aroma that seeped from her flawless skin was an intoxicating mixture of lilacs and rain, captivating his senses.

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