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Review: Calling The Change by Michelle Diener

Title: Calling the Change
Author: Michelle Diener
Series: Sky Raiders #2
Publication: July 17th 2017 by Eclipse

Genre: Science Fiction
Purchase: Amazon 
Rating: 4/5

He rescued her despite impossible odds—Garek has rescued Taya and the rest of his village from the sky raiders, but their return home doesn't bring easier times. The sky raiders aren't simply going to go away—they still need the shadow ore they came for, and they want the ships Garek stole from them back. But they aren't the only threat . . .
First she was in danger from the aliens who abducted her, now she's in danger from her own people—Taya's been rescued, but she isn't home a week before she's taken again, this time by men who walked the walls with Garek. They've taken her as a consolation prize of sorts, having failed to get hold of Garek himself. They think Taya's value to the people they're working for is her relationship to Garek, but they are wrong . . .

Garek and Taya never gave up on each other before, even when the distance between them was impossibly far, and they aren't giving up on each other now. As Garek searches for her, and Taya engineers her escape, they discover the motivations behind the new attacks on them are darker than the endless reaches of space they've just escaped from.

I'm not sure exactly why but I enjoyed Calling the Change a lot more than the previous book, Sky Raiders. Don't get me wrong, the first book wasn't bad or anything, I just didn't love it as much as I would've wanted. Now back to Calling the Change... I was really into it right from the start and I had a hard time putting the book down. It was a great read!

The story was really action-packed (just as I like it.) so there was actually never a boring moment. The story pretty much revolves around Garek having yet again to try and find Taya who's been abducted by men who walked the walls with Garek as the synopsis says. So obviously they don't have just the sky raiders to fear this time even though they're still a dangerous foe they face.

I really enjoyed reading about Taya and Garek again. They were seperated for a part of this book but it's so worth it in the end, I thought. I especially liked Taya this time because she is not some damsel in distress that needs rescuing even though Garek does go after her. Taya definitely can take care of her own, that's for sure. 

As always with a book by Michelle Diener, I thought it was written in a really great way. The romance isn't a major part of the book, although there are a couple of very swoonworthy moments between Taya and Garek, which I loved.

The ending left me super excited for the third and final book. I have so many questions. Will they find Aidan? Will Taya learn to control her change better? It sounds like the next book will be just as thrilling as this one. I can't wait!

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Michelle Diener writes historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Having worked in publishing and IT, she’s now very happy crafting new worlds and interesting characters and wondering which part of the world she can travel to next.
Michelle was born in London, grew up in South Africa and currently lives in Australia with her husband and two children.

When she’s not writing, or driving her kids from activity to activity, you can find her blogging at Magical Musings, or online at Twitter, at Google+ and Facebook.

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  1. *adds book one to TBR* Thanks!! It's different from what I normally read but sounds good!


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