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Review: Indelible: Beneath His Ink by Inger Iversen

Title: Indelible: Beneath His Ink
Author: Inger Iversen
Series: Teal and Trent #2
Publication: December 12th 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Rating: 3.5/5

Former Marine, Trent Reed, is in desperate need of a Hail Mary.

With each failed attempt to convince his woman to pack up and move to Kentucky, his past finds some new way to rear its ugly head. But when his pregnant ex plows into his life, all hell breaks loose—unearthing parts of his past he wished would stay buried.
Two weeks of vacation with her man? Hell yeah, that is exactly what Teal Lofton’s libido needs.

And after surviving seven months apart, their reunion doesn’t disappoint. What she didn’t account for was an unfortunate encounter with people from Trent’s past. A racist, a druggie, and a double-barreled shotgun, culminate into a vacation that will alter the course of her life forever.

Indelible wasn't my favorite book in the series but I still love Teal and Trent to bits and pieces. I did like the story but I just didn't totally love it. It was a solid 3.5 star read for me.

In this book Teal and Trent are basically trying to figure out what the next step in their relationship is. Trent wants her to move to Kentucky to be with him, while Teal has some doubts about it. Trent eventually convinces Teal to come to Kentucky on a little vacation with him when people from his past show up meaning to ruin what they have together.

I liked the story well enough but I missed something I can't quite place my finger on. As I said, I still love Teal and Trent. And I really do. I love them together. They have so much chemistry and would do anything for one another. As always I'm awed by how Teal is so strong for Trent even though his past was horrible. 

The ending of the book was probably my favorite. It even made me squeal a little with joy. I can't exactly say what happened or how it did end but I'm really so happy for how it all turned out for Teal and Trent. 

It was a pretty quick read so that probably helped a little but this book pulled me out of a reading slump so yay! And as always I'm excited for the next book.

       About the Author:

Inger Iversen is an American author residing in Virginia. She lives for bringing her fictional characters from darkness to light through self-discovery and passion. From her emotionally gripping, new adult Few Are Angels series that builds in intensity and intrigue to a finale you won’t see coming, to her international bestselling interracial romance dubbed “one of the most emotionally gripping” books of the summer, Inger breathes life into her fiction through her enthusiasm and devotion to writing. Her influences range from life experiences and daydreams, Inger spends her time in the writing cave and fantasizing of the day she can figure out how to Weird Science her characters to life.

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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the series, even if this one wasn't the best so far! It's tough when there is something missing or wrong that you can't quite put your finger on. Hopefully you enjoy more of this author's books in the future!

    Great review, Stephanie. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Or maybe I'm becoming more critical with books. Hmm... but still Inger Iversen is one of my fav authors and people. :)


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