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Release Day Blast: Finish Him by Deanna Dee ~ Author Interview

Release Day Blast Media kit for Finish Him by Deanna Dee
Title: Finish Him (The Games of Love, #3)
Author: Deanna Dee
Genre: new adult romance
Release Date: November 17, 2015

Round One, FLIRT
Sonya Black never expected a petty sibling quarrel could lead to her sister being drugged. Overcome with guilt, Sonya vows to bring the jerk to justice. When she dives into her own investigation, she lands belly up in the company of Jaxon Nyles, the security guard who may have all the answers.
But being a detective isn’t as easy as Sonya thinks. On top of that, Jaxon always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Is he a suspect, or is he falling for her? More important, is she falling for him?
The round has begun. Who will flirt? Who will win? Will hearts break in the process?


Author Interview:

Hi Deanna! Thanks for joining me on Bookfever for an interview. :)

1. Can you tell us a little something about your new book Finish Him?

First of all, thanks so much for hosting me, Stephanie! I really appreciate it.

So Finish Him. It’s the third book in my Games of Love series, romance novels about gamer geeks. The main characters are friends who play a Dungeons and Dragons-style role playing game, and this book focuses on Sonya (the group’s resident dwarf). It also features video games and some pretty real issues.

2. How would you describe yourself in three words?

Odd, determined, grand

3. What three books would you recommend people to read?

Okay. First, The Scepter of the Ancients: Skullduggery Pleasant, #1 by Derek Landy. Seriously, that series is the best I’ve ever read. There’s a talking skeleton and a preteen girl who solve mysteries. Sounds juvenile? Read, you won’t be disappointed. (And it goes without saying that I recommend the next eight books as well, but I digress.)

The Final Empire: Mistborn, #1 by Brandon Sanderson. Sanderson writes some amazing speculative fiction. Mistborn is epic fantasy about a world where metal translates into power for those born with the gift to use it. (And, of course, read the rest of the trilogy.)

Oh man. Only three is tough. But for my last, I’ll go with Cinder: Lunar Chronicles, #1 by Marissa Meyer. This one’s the first of four fairytale retellings set in a futuristic sci-fi world where Cinder (Cinderella) is a cyborg. Enough said. (Well, not quite enough. Read them soon. Then get the last book when it comes out next month, and read it, too.)

4. Which character (in any of your books) would you say was the most interesting to create?

Most interesting? Probably Parker. He’s “that” kid in the group, the one even the geeks get a little embarrassed of. His book is next, so I haven’t completely explored him yet. However, he threw me a few curve balls while writing Finish Him, and I’m super excited to spill his proverbial guts all over the page.

5. If you could jump into any book and live in that world, which book would it be?

Cliché, but it’s still and will probably always be Harry Potter. I mean, come on. Rowling’s a genius. For something a little less well-known, I wouldn’t mind building a summer home in Shelby Bach’s Everafters world. It’s a middle grade series about kids who go to an after school program where they train to go on quests that are retellings of fairytales. It’s kind of like Percy Jackson with fairytales, and it’s totally awesome.

6. Can you share a quote from Finish Him?

Certainly. Here’s a Parker line from chapter 1 that should give much insight into his character.

“Rah!” Parker screams. He’s sitting across the room on my bed, and somehow, he still almost makes me go deaf. “Excellent! Continue! Piff the Eviscerator desires more bloodshed!”

7. Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Confession time. Finish Him has been the toughest book to write thus far. I’m not sure why, but it drove me crazy. So here’s hoping that the project requiring the most effort is the one most deliciously served.

About the Author:

Deanna Dee is strictly human and does not, to her knowledge, own a hyena. She lives by the sea, which she takes full advantage of in the summer time. People, reading, and pop culture make up the shameless downtime of her life. The rest of it is writing, and she’s okay with that.


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