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Review: The Donor by Candace Osmond

Title: The Donor
Author: Candace Osmond

Publication: October 15th 2014
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Rating: 2/5

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.


What's the first thought that would run through your mind if you woke up, completely naked, strapped to an operating table, sans a kidney? What ran through Nora Daniels mind was that, sadly, nobody would even notice she was missing. No family, no friends, not even a boyfriend. No, there would be no Prince Charming busting down the door to save the day or loved ones to mourn her death. Unless she could find a way to uncover the secrets hidden in her past and discover the one thing tying her to this world.

I really dislike having to give negative reviews for books, especially if I received said book for review but my overal feeling for The Donor was that is just wasn't my cup of tea, unfortunately.

The book started out good for me because it was all wrapped in mystery with Nora waking up on an operating table, not knowing what was going on and I love a good mystery but from there on out I started getting less and less interested with the story and the characters. The writing also couldn't hold my attention much. I mean, it was okay but that was just it.

I guess I wanted a little more character building but due to this book being rather short there wasn't much time for that. I also felt that some of the twists were a bit too predictable for my taste. I'd pretty much guessed everything before it would happen. 

I did like Nora as a character, even without much character building because even with everything going on with her life, she still wanted to go on. But Henry was really annoying to me for some reason. I really couldn't like him and I guess that put a little bit of a damper on the whole thing for me. 

All in all, The Donor was a unique concept for a book but I felt myself getting more uninterested in it the more I read. I loved that it was set in the future and Nora was pretty likable character but that was it. I do hope other people will give this a chance. It's a short book and can be read quickly, so other people might like it more than I did.

About the Author:

Born in 1985 as Candace Osmond in North York Ontario, I began to travel with my parents at the very young age of four years old. I had lived all over Canada and seen everything my country has to offer, from the enchanting shores of Newfoundland to the gigantic snow capped mountains of British Columbia all by the time I was ten. I did, however, spend most of my life in Eastern Canada where I was surrounded by folklore and legends, not knowing how they would shape my personality and imagination for the rest of my life. Being the only girl of my age in a small group of kids, in an even smaller town, left me spending most of my time by myself and, in result, letting my imagination take over. I would sit by the shore and dream up stories of mermaids and other fantastic creatures to pass the time. Coming from a family with writers and artists dispersed throughout, it was only natural that I spend my time writing, drawing and reading. I dreamed of becoming nothing more than an artist, a creator of any kind. By the age of eleven, I spent most of my waking hours scribbling down short stories, poems and anything else I could think of, while adding my own personal illustrations. By the age of fourteen, I had won numerous local and minor arts and writing competitions. I excelled at anything art and literature related so, naturally, I planned to attend university for nothing more or less than that. In 2003 I planned to attend university for Creative Writing and Literary Studies. But, with the fear that I would spend all my time and money on an education and end up in a field that I may very well struggle to succeed in, I backed out and attended school for Design instead. Now, a successful Designer specializing in interiors, I met a man and fell in love. His passion and talent for art far exceeds my own, but he motivated me and awakened my old habits of staying up late and waking up early to scribble down dreams and ideas before I had forgotten them and they disappeared forever.


  1. Great review even if you didn't enjoy it..... doesn't sound like my cup of tea either! Whats with the cover, it's a bit....... well, odd?!?

    1. Can't love every book, I guess. Yeah, the cover is a bit odd but also beautiful, I think.

    2. Just curious...... does what's going on on the cover relate to the contents of the book, just trying to understand the cover art I guess, can't get my head around it at all.

    3. Not really... well, the cover seems a bit futuristic to me and the book is set a couple of decades in the future so maybe that's what's behind it. Or maybe it's just a random cover. lol


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