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Review: Roman Empire: The Ancient Superpower by History Titans

Title: Roman Empire: The Ancient Superpower
Author: History Titans
Publication: August 9th 2018
Genre: Nonfiction, History, Ancient History
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Rating: 3/5

Interesting look into the rise of the Roman Empire

The Ancient Romans were known for many things—from the lavish lifestyle of those who were considered wealthy citizens to the great architecture created during their time. When most people think of Ancient Rome, however, they think of a military superpower. Rome is considered perhaps the greatest military superpower of their time. The country conquered countless lands in its quest for greater power and expansion of its empire.
Many people know the story of how Rome rose and fell—this book is going to focus on the rising. It will discuss the events that defined Rome and aspects of the country that defined its power.

You will discover.....

Early Days of The Roman Empire
Thirst For Power
Warfare and Weaponry
Wars and Battles
Major Generals and Emperors
And Much More inside this book!

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Again a book about ancient history? Will I ever get bored of reading about it? Never! I just had to get my hands on this one because I can't read enough books about ancient Rome. I'm obsessed, okay. 

This book was short but enjoyable for sure. I can't say it's the best nonfiction I've ever read about this subject but it also isn't a bad read either. I also feel like I should mentioned that there were some typos I spotted that made me cringe a little bit because this is a finished copy and there shouldn't be any typos, in my opinion. But other than that I can't really think of anything negative to say.

I really liked reading about the history of ancient Rome's military because I'm most fascinated with that for some reason even though I'm not the biggest fan of war. Except when it comes to the ancient world, apparently. I Especially liked learning more about all the different weapens and legions. That part I really enjoyed.

This quick and easy to read book about the rise of the Roman Empire would be perfect and best suited for people who don't know a lot about the subject of ancient Rome but are eager to learn more about this fascinating era.
5 interesting facts I learned:

  • Most of the historical writing of Rome did not start until late in the 3rd centry BC.
  • Rome started as a small farm town upon its founding, relying heavily on agriculture to feed and finance their people.
  • Even though many Christians had chosen to flee, Romans were generally accepting of the culture of others.
  • Rome reached its peak of territorial expansion in 211 AD.
  • Roman economics really flourished during the agricultural revolution.


  1. Yay for learning some new interesting facts and thank you for sharing some of them with us! It sounds like this was a decent read - some minor errors and not the best - but still good enough :)

  2. Typos really get on my nerves, too! It is so annoying in a finished copy. This does sound like it has some interesting information, though. :)


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