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Gilmore Girls Book Tag ~ Part 2

In honor of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life me and Christina @ Booklover's Tea Party decided to post the Gilmore Girls Book Tag from Yvonne @ A World Between Folded Pages.

1. 1000 yellow daisies
- favorite romance -

StephanieI have countless favorite romances but the first one coming to mind is Beyond the Cut by Sarah Castille, a biker romance. The bikers in this series have stolen my heart, especially Cade. I have a paperback copy of this book because I was supposed to get the e-arc but the publisher messed it up by accident so none of us got it for the blog tour so they all send us a copy. 

Christina: Wait for you by Jennifer L. Armentrout writing as J. Lynn. Beautiful and sweet book. I love it and all the others that follow in that series.

2. Jess
- an unpopular opinion / most swoon-worthy book boyfriend -

StephanieI absolutely hate Patch from Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush series. Needless to say I never finished the series and I never really liked any other books featuring angels. All because of Patch.

I have way too many swoon-worthy book boyfriends. I'll just name a few here. Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy), Jericho Barrons (Fever series), Oliver Montrose (FREAKS series), Jamie Fraser (Outlander), Will Herondale (Infernal Devices), Ian O'Shea (The Host) and so on and on... 

Christina: My unpopular opinion is that I ship Logan and Rory. I love Jess, he is amazing. But well so is Logan and after everything I just see him and Rory together in the end.
But book wise… Guess I have to mention the Black Dagger brotherhood books. I feel like so many love them and praise them and everything, but I just don’t see it. I can barely get through one. Basically… I hate them.

Swoon Worthy book boyfriend. Just one? There’s Bones from Night Huntress, Jace from The Mortal Instruments and his ancestor Will Herondale from the Infernal Devices as well. Perry from Under the Never sky, Matthew from A discovery of witches (I feel like this is turning into a poem or something, lol). The Host has Ian, The hunger games has Peeta and also Finnick, more recently we have Rhysand in A court of mist and fury. The Forbidden Wish has ALADDIN! And with that amazing one we end this long list.

3. First snow
- snowy or holiday read -

StephanieDoes Iced by Karen Marie Moning count as snowy? I think it does. lol

Christina: Let it Snow and The Bite Before Christmas. Especially Let it Snow is such a great holiday read, sweet and Christmassy stories.
Whereas The Bite Before Christmas is more part of a series, or two actually, so you have to know the characters for the best experience.

4. HEP Alien
- book centered around music -

StephanieGirl With Guitar by Caisey Quinn. These book center about country singer Kylie who's starting to make it in the music business and falls in love with superstar Trace Corbin. One of my favorite NA books.

Christina: Lick, Play and Lead by Kylie Scott. Each feature music and each focus on different bandmembers (and yes on purpose I did not mention the last one, cause wasn’t as good).  

5. He'd better have a motorcycle
- your book crush -

StephanieI could name all my swoon worthy book boyfriends but I'll just pick someone I haven't named yet. RHYSAND! 

Christina: Obviously there is many, but one that will always have a special place is Will Herondale from the Infernal Devices.  

6. It's repetitive and Redundant
- a book that could have been shorter -
StephanieA Game of Thrones maybe? I think it definitely works as long books with how detailed they are but it took me SO long to finished.

Christina: I have no answer. I really don’t know. I have long books sure, but none I felt that I wanted to be shorter.

7. Kirk
- the weirdest book you've ever read -

StephanieAn Abduction Revelation by Thomas L. Hay - this book wasn't bad at all, it was just a bit weird.

Christina: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. Porn star drunk drives, crashes suffering burns that cause him to lose his manhood and he has to stay in the burn unit. While there he gets visits from a woman telling him stories about their former life. I had to finish it just to see what happened. It wasn’t awful or anything, just very different and writing style wasn’t really me, but yeah I had to finish to see how that ended and where it went.

8. Sookie
- a character that makes you laugh -

StephanieSimon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments. There are many characters that make me laugh but Simon really is hilarious with the things he says. Also honorable mentions: Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy and Bloodlines) and Kenji Kishimoto (Shatter Me trilogy)

Christina: Recently, Cassian from A Court of Mist & Fury. One of my all time favorites though is Ian from the Night Huntress series. He is hilarious! Think Simon from the Mortal Instruments came before him though so he definitely deserves a mention as well. He just gets better and better and still laugh when I think of him and Jace grocery shopping together.

9. It's a lifestyle. It's a religion
- one book that means more to you than any other -

StephanieArtemis Fowl and Airman by Eoin Colfer. Artemis Fowl is my favorite book ever and Airman just gives me so many feels! 

Christina: Actually a hard one, all my books mean something to me. But the Mortal Instruments books really brought me and my best friend closer way back then. We bonded over the love of these books and this world.

10. Rory
- a favorite character who is a bookworm -

StephanieKaty from the Lux series. She's even a blogger! And Mac from the Fever series likes books too so I have to mention her again. 

Christina: The first I encountered and one who is still my favorite is Katy from the LUX series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Great book and Katy is an awesome character, Reader and blogger.

Now we felt that someone was missing. Logan. Rory’s two other guys, Dean and Jess are there so only fair that Logan should be here, too. Plus we both love him.

11. Logan
- “Ace”. Favorite nickname for character –

StephanieMy favorite nickname for a character is "Rainbow Girl" that Barrons calls Mac *at times* in the Fever series. I also love it when he calls her Ms. Lane but not sure if it counts as nickname since Lane is her last name. But I just think that Rainbow Girl is so precious for them. 

Christina: Can’t I go with Logan’s nickname for Rory? I love it so! I squealed when he called her Ace in the revival. However, definitely some to choose from in the book world. Matthew from All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness calls Diana “Mon Coeur” which is just French for my heart or something, but the way he uses that nickname to express his love to her by calling her that is just beautiful. 

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