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ARC Review: Oblivion by Kelly Creagh

Title: Oblivion
Author: Kelly Creagh
Series: Nevermore #3

Publication: July 28th 2015 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Genre: Young Adult ~ Paranormal ~ Romance
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Rating: 4/5

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.


This electrifying conclusion to the Nevermore trilogy takes one last trip to the dream world of Edgar Allan Poe to reveal the intertwined fates of Isobel and Varen.

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? —Edgar Allan Poe

The fine line between life and death blurred long ago for Isobel Lanley. After a deadly confrontation with Varen in the dreamworld, she’s terrified to return to that desolate and dangerous place. But when her nightmares resume, bleeding into reality, she is left with no choice. Varen’s darkness is catching up to her. To everything. Threatening to devour it all.

Isobel fears for her world. For her sanity and Varen’s—especially after a fresh and devastating loss. To make matters worse, the ghostly demon Lilith wants Varen for her own, and she will do anything to keep him in her grasp—anything.

Can Isobel ever find her happy ending? Worlds collide and fates are sealed in this breathtaking finale to the Nevermore trilogy.

Oblivion was a lot to take in. A lot! The stakes are definitely the highest they'd ever been and lives could be lost forever. But damn, I loved it all. The action, the darkness, the romance, everything!

I don't want to give too much away, which is kind of hard... so I can't say too much about the story accept that I love Isobel. As far as YA heroines go, she's the shit. She used to be a cheerleader, which seems like ages ago. But she changed a lot since she fell for Varen, lost Varen and she still isn't ready to give up on him. Go her!

I can't say much about Varen. No spoilers allowed here! But I can say that it takes a while for him to really come back into it. Personally I thought it took a little too long because he wasn't really into the previous book much either. And the book was pretty long in itself so it was a bit of a struggle to finish it. And I have to say that once Varen came into it again, it started picking up. The scenes with him and Isobel reunited were everything I hoped for, though. I love them together sooo much. 

As for the secondary characters... Gwen was still so awesome. I love that girl. She's like a bright light in the midst of the darkness that Isobel is in with worrying about Varen. Reynolds was there too. It's no secret that I like him a lot. He's so mysterious and you don't quite know if he's on Isobel or Lilith's side. Even in this book I had a lot of doubts and a lot of "Damn it, Reynolds" feelings. And Lilith? Well, she scared the crap out of me. Some scenes involving her actually gave me goosebumps. I'm so going to have nightmares about that demon. 

As always I loved Kelly Creagh's writing. She always writes so beautifully and almost poetically. I'm a huge fan of writing styles like that. Her words gave me chills at times and that's a real talent right there. I can't wait to read more books by her.

Overall, the conclusion to the Nevermore trilogy was in one word: epic! Maybe a bit too long and drawn out but in the end I loved it and I will miss all these characters so much. It definitely was a thrilling ride!

       About the Author:

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As a child, Kelly would hold elaborate one-kid plays for patient relatives, complete with song, dance, and over-the-top melodramatics. Then, whenever Mom or Grandma called for a break, she would venture outside to slay dragons, run from make-believe ghosts and create magical feasts for fairies out of mud and pinecones.

In the third grade, Kelly wrote her first book titled Pink Lettuce, a story about a young girl who comes to the aid of her mad scientist neighbor, helping him to return his potion-pink lettuce patch to its original green and leafy luster.

Kelly holds an undergraduate degree in Theatre Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Today, she finds true joy in transcribing her dramatic daydreams onto the stage of the blank page. When not writing or curled up with a good book, Kelly can be found teaching, learning and performing the ancient art of Bellydance.


  1. I have this baby pre-ordered and I am going insane waiting for it. Your review has just made the waiting even harder but I am so happy that you liked it! Isobel and Varen are one of the best couples and Kelly's writing is lovely. Awesome review, Steph!

    1. Thanks Jenn! Can't wait for you to get it so we can finally talk about it!

  2. I read the first book YEARS ago and remember loving it!! Do you recommend a re-read before finishing out the last two?

    Great review, btw :D

    1. Yeah because I wish I had re-read them myself. I barely remembered what had happened in the first two.



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