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Review: Fairly Certain by Deborah Ann Davis

Title: Fairly Certain
Author: Deborah Ann Davis
Series: Love of Fairs #1

Publication: September 19th 2014 by D&D Universe, LLC
Genre: New Adult ~ Romance
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo
Rating: 3/5

Review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

What happens when a computer geek challenges a medieval outlaw? When Petir takes a rough tumble in the Connecticut woods, he awakens in the middle of old England. His instinct to freak out is tempered by the arrival of a fair maiden wearing a bow... and arrow. Throwing caution to the wind, Petir decides he has nothing to lose by pursuing Maid Rianne. But when she is captured by the enemy, a geek with no ability to defend himself must find a way to rescue the fair maiden.

I really liked Fairly Certain. The story was quick, light and Petir was a pretty funny main character. I also really liked the writing a lot. It  was well-written, which made the story really enjoyable to read.

Petir was a great character to read about, especially because he was a computer geek. Let's face it, there are not many stories about computer geeks. I loved the way he thought he had ended up in medieval England with Robin Hood's merry men where he met the intriguing maid Rianne. I happen to be a huge fan of Robin Hood type stories. Maid Rianne was also a favorite character of mine. Gotta love a girl who's skilled with a bow and arrow, right? 

The secondary characters were also easy to like. This is hugely because of the author's great writing. The story never got boring, not even for a second. I also really liked how Petir was just like going with everything that was going on with him. It made for some hilarious conversations and scenes.

Overall, maybe not the best book ever but Fairly Certain was a quirky, fun and lighthearted story that had me smiling in no time. If you're looking to read something like this, I'd definitely recommend this book.

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DEBORAH ANN DAVIS writes Quirky New/Young Adult Fiction with a Twist. She began by searching for inspiration for her 5th grade English Journal. Lo and behold, she found her world was full of funny tales just waiting to be told. As she grew older, it never occurred to her to pursue writing, not even when she discovered her flare for telling stories at college parties.

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